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ATHRA’s first Facebook live stream a resounding success

Posted on May 15, 2020

ATHRA’s first facebook live stream was a resounding success (after some minor technical problems!). The video has had over 1,300 views on Facebook, 220 comments and wide sharing so far (Facebook link here). Thank you to all who took part and made it a success.

The edited video can be viewed on ATHRA’s YouTube channel here:

We plan to have regular live streams in future. Please send us any questions you would like answered.

Some of the key points made in this session were:

  • The scientific evidence is now very clear.  Vaping is the most effective and most popular quitting aid.
  • There is enormous misinformation about the relative safety of vaping, much of which is driven by anti-vaping advocates and sensational media headlines. Vaping is not risk-free, but there is overwhelming scientific agreement that it is far less harmful than smoking
  • Under Australian law, you need a doctor’s prescription to legally import and use nicotine. There are signs that the government will be cracking down imported nicotine. If your doctor can’t help with vaping, ATHRA has prepared a list of doctors who can discuss whether vaping is the right choice for you and if a prescription is appropriate.
  • There is NO evidence that vaping increases the risk or the severity of COVID-19 in vapers or bystanders, in spite of claims by anti-vaping activists.  Vaping is also NO more likely to spread COVID-19 than normal breathing.
  • There is speculation that nicotine may be a protective factor for COVID-19 and a trial is underway to test this. This benefit may apply to vaping, but more evidence is needed to be sure


17.10 Ben. How long does a prescription last?

18.00. Ben. How much nicotine can you bring in?

18.55.  Ben. What will enforcement look like at the border?

19.41. Ben. Does the Border Force have the same appetite for enforcing the rules?

20.26. Brett. Why is the Health Department blocking the sale of nicotine through pharmacies?

21.28. Anthony. Why is Australia’s policy on this issue different to other countries?

23.15. Brett. Can the states and territories legalise nicotine on their own without the Commonwealth?

24.28. Shane. Why is the TGA looking at sources other than the Royal College of Physicians?

26 Adam. Can we access prescriptions for nicotine if we want to continue vaping for the long-term?

27 Kirstin. Who do we support in government that supports vaping for quitting cigarettes?

28.50. Adam. What are the differences between vaping and heat-not-burn and what would you recommend?

30.15. Panda. Apart from the health authorities who else is interested in supporting evidence-based research on vaping?

31.33. Shane. What can be done to get the College approval method in the mainstream media in Australia.

32.20. Christian. At a local or state level what can we do to support vaping?

33.50. Trent. I have a vaporiser. Is there anywhere online I can look up the settings.

34.40. ARVIA. Can the public have confidence in the ANU study?

36. Wayne. My doctor believes vaping is actually more dangerous than smoking. Vaping ha larger particles that clog the airways.

37.10. Andrew. Do you think its likely that nicotine will be banned in Australia.

38.26. Panda. What is a common argument you have heard from anti-vapers and how do you respond to them?

40.40. Trent. Is nicotine salt better than the other the other nicotine?

41.30. Steven. Are the 3 major tobacco manufacturers in bed with the government because the government makes so much money from the tobacco tax.

43. Steven. Do you think the reliance on $17 billion in tobacco tax is a reason why they oppose vaping?

44.05. Brett. Why can you buy nicotine patches, gums and sprays over the counter but you can’t buy nicotine liquid?

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These laws mark the end of vaping in australia. We will be shutting up shop and leaving the industry as we can survive when this goverment blatantly takes all our rights away


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