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Australia’s ban on nicotine importation lifted…for now

Posted on June 27, 2020

PUBLIC HEALTH is the big winner from Health Minister Greg Hunt’s decision to delay the ban on importing nicotine. However, the fight to legalise vaping is far from over.

The Minister announced on 19 June that it would be illegal to import nicotine for vaping from 1 July with an extraordinary penalty of $220,000. A legal pathway for importation with a doctor’s prescription was proposed, but was complex and time-consuming and unworkable.

Shocked and angry vapers were faced with a very real risk of a total vaping ban and most were terrified of returning to smoking or having to obtain supplies from the blackmarket.

The Health Minister had previously commissioned a scientific inquiry into vaping in 2019, at a cost of $750,000, because of widespread support for vaping in the coalition party room. Surprisingly, the regulations to ban nicotine imports were made before the report was available

There was also anger about the underhand way the regulations were introduced. The announcement was made without consultation. The public was informed after parliament rose for 6 weeks with only two week’s notice before the regulations became law, in the middle of a pandemic. There was no opportunity for parliamentary debate.

The vaping community mobilises

The threat to effectively ban vaping galvanized the vape community.

A coalition was formed by ATHRA, Legalise Vaping Australia, the Progressive Public Health Alliance and ARVIA to challenge the ban in a coordinated fashion. Within days, a campaign was underway.

  • Vapers contacted their MPs and the Health Minister en masse to raise their concerns
  • A fighting fund was established to fund a campaign, raising $35,000
  • Coalition MPs Senator Matt Canavan and George Christiansen MP set up a petition which collected over 72,000 signatures in favour of vaping in a couple of days
  • A social media campaign swung into action with the hashtag #vapingsavedme
  • Vape shops contacted their customers to oppose the regulations
  • A video campaign of vapers telling their stories on social media
  • Advocates flooded the media on radio, television and online outlets
  • Opinion pieces were published eg here and here

Outspoken media advocates like Ben Fordham, Mark Levy and Neil Mitchell got behind the campaign. Former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce demanded that people be left to vape if they wish. A toxicologist from the University of Wollongong warned that the ban on nicotine was dangerous and would increase nicotine poisoning.

Former Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce MP, "let people vape"

Vaping opponents also hit the media to support the ban eg here and here.

Before long, there was a backlash from coalition MPs. A letter by 28 MPs condemning the restrictions was sent to the Prime Minister warning that "onerous regulatory requirements" will effectively ban people from buying vaping liquids and cause them to revert to smoking

They argued the rapid introduction of the import restriction is "too rushed" and "completely impractical".

Australia's 520,000 vapers are grateful to all the signatories:

Matt Canavan, George Christensen, Tim Wilson, Dave Sharma, James Paterson, Dr Anne Webster, Eric Abetz, Jason Falinski, Trent Zimmerman, James Paterson, Hollie Hughes, Alex Antic, Claire Chandler, Pat Conaghan, Perin Davey, Dr Andrew Laming, Susan McDonald, James McGrath, Sam McMahon, Amanda Stoker, Bridget McKenzie, Llew O'Brien, Ken O'Dowd, Gerard Rennick, Paul Scarr, Phillip Thomson and Damian Drum.

Vapers breathed a collective sigh of relief on 26 June when the Minister announced the regulations would be delayed.

In the meanwhile, it remains an offence to possess nicotine in Australia without a prescription. A list of doctors who are available to assess your suitability for vaping and can provide a prescription if it is appropriate is available here.

The battle is far from over

Minister Hunt plans to introduce a streamlined version of the regulations on 1 January 2021. Importation of nicotine e-liquid would still require a prescription, however details are not available.

Vapers want nicotine liquid to be legalized and regulated so it is readily available as a quitting aid for smokers but with access to youth minimized. Vaping nicotine, a far safer alternative to smoking, should not be more difficult to access than cigarettes.

Vapers cannot rest. Over the next 6 months, vaping advocates will need to build a case to stop the proposed regulations altogether. Hundreds of thousands of Australian lives depend on it.

Watch this great video by on the recent events, featuring Dr Joe Kosterich and Fiona Patten MLC

Posted by Colin Mendelsohn,

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55 Replies to “Australia’s ban on nicotine importation lifted…for now”

Mehmood Bhamjee

The government is only going to use the 6 months reprieve to prop up further regulation to push through this totally unjust, undemocratic cash grab. Greg Hunt has done no research and ignored the thinking of overseas bodies to try and insidiously push through this law so the government can tax cigarette smokers to death. There is no concern for health here but government theft, nothing else. Vapers must now mobilise and use every available and legal avenue at our disposal to fight this ridiculous issue. In addition, the Liberal Party should be voted out otherwise the freedoms of all Australians will diminish right before our very eyes.

Mehmood Bhamjee

Regarding my earlier comments about voting out the Liberal Party, my apologies to the senators who opposed the vaping ban. My anger got the better of me and I did not take your support into account. I am upset at Greg Hunt and other ignorant politicians who are so short-sighted that they will do anything to take away the right of 1000s of Australians to try and quit cigarettes by going for a far safer alternative such as vaping. Vaping has certainly allowed me to quit cigarettes altogether and my health has improved noticeably. Why should I go to a GP for a prescription ? This ban is certainly in line with the profits of big pharmaceuticals and the tobacco industry and that's an injustice in the extreme. This makes a mockery of Australia calling itself a democracy. Vapers now need to mobilise and fight this proposed legislation. The 6 month reprieve is only to allow the government to make it look like it is acquiring more credible evidence to ban vaping. This is utterly unjust


Damn right


Yep, a healthier lifestyle choice now requires a prescription. I think if anything a ban on pure nicotine would make more sense than diluted mixes, but really what should be happening is the ban for sale of LN in Australia be lifted altogether. However that would greatly raise the cost but it provides convenience, but at least importation would still be a option.

craig trueman

It needs to be in the hands of people not another way for people to get rich.And that's the way it goes every time.Vaping is great for smaller business.

John Miller

If vapours need a doctors prescription so should cigarette smokers have to go to a doctor to get a prescription as it also gives the doctors an interventional opportunity including checking their carbon monoxide levels where CO monitors should be mandated for accreditation and for quality assurance in general practice.


John I like your comments about prescription of cigarettes,but I believe that the vaps are the new cigarettes killer to save millions and millions Of people to get killed and or get medical attention Of the harm of cigarettes and the toxic and the black things gets out of your mouth or nose or bleeding gums or cancer in your ,brain ,mouth ,lungs, liver and on and on , and yes vaps are not this harmful as cigarettes and alcohol, but it’s helping people to reduce smoking harmful cigarettes and drinking alcohol and other drug users abusing the drug Instead to Be useD in hospital in right way to treat people’s disease .
Let’s say that if the prescribe will work hopefully our doctors will do the rights and to be honest to treat people the right way not to abuse the drug as well for the wrong rich patients .

Not talking about cigarettes harmful chemicals to be prescribe at all Should completely stop and help the environment around the globe .

Not talking about alcohol slow killer to be prescribe should closed it all only be used for medical proposed and for cleaning and hand sanitizer.

Drug use depends on the drugS
Should not be prescribe because of addictions and how many gets killed and over dose .
Panadol , all this other drugs should be completely packed up from the shelf and not be allowed to sell .
Because people become addictive to it and it’s sell over the counter .
One little pain or people got sleeping problems keeps buying them and using them this is why they should be packed and shut down .
And coming back to vaps it’s nothing at all compare to all this above drugs .

KID ; Coming back to Kids the parents are responsible for the little once who are using vaps or anything else .

Youths : If the youths are getting addicted to it because they have been given weeds to try cigarettes to try , drink alcohol In school environment and out side so this youth are the smart ones that they know this is the most harmless things they can use (Vaps)if they really needs to and most of the youths are more smarter then adults believe me specially the one who lives in a voilence house and grown up With parents in cigarettes and alcohol and other drugs .

And they are the futures smarts generations who will save the world from collapsing From the older people old idea and minds .

craig tregonning

I highly agree about what u say about the youth they are way more on to a lot of issues facing our societies at large youth will always get into something but most grow up.The youth cant be used as a excuse for vapes.maybe more education or whatever it maybe Im not an expert on this but for me I would not have done half the stuff I did if I knew of these drugs I was doing Im 37 now and 12 when I started smoking cigarettes and 16 for hard drugs all i knew were drugs are bad and that the parents just said don't do them there bad.I did it all I suffered in life but I turned out just fine I wish I had known all this then I still would of done most of what I did but not the real crap stuff.And would of done it at least the right way.Most people I have spoken to say that life skills should not be taught in schools but that is a load.The stuff the youth are facing the almost no parents have any idea about what they are facing and are highly aware due to the access of knowledge that we did not have in our day. this creates a new kind of problem that we have never faced in history this time I can see its for keeps.the youth are not fascinated in weed there into the alien stuff DM that we well the experts no nothing abut due to the world wide ban on research into this field we enter such a lonely world due to technology.We have a big problem the youth if honest will say my oath.The out dated people running the show are not to be making these kind of problems without consulting the real experts.Expeacialyy during the pand,ic that just says it all what a shame.

Michael Bourke

This is not a win, this is a temporary reprieve. Now it's time to fight!

What have we learnt from this? I can tell you, that I am shocked at how helpless I felt when I first read about this astoundingly near sighted decision. My mixed emotions (mostly negative) were shared by others, but that feeling of helplessness was overwhelming. Thankfully to read we had some support in the hallowed halls of parliament (despite who it was from) provides some light. BUT not it is time for us as a collective to begin the fight, to rally together and lobby our detractors, not with knee-jerk reactionary, inflammatory and personal comments, but with the hard facts, and our realities as Vapers.

As someone who has been vaping for almost 14 years, I believe I have some knowledge and experience in the field. I have, and continue to do so, researched all aspects of it. I consider myself to be educated.

This is the time to "educate" our detractors, to provide them with enough information to help them make some solid objective decisions. A 6 month window is not long, so it is important now to come together, get organized and lobby. I have not read every article, but from my understanding the key support has come from the coalition, that is not enough, we need more support from both sides of the aisle.

There are 300,000 of us out there who have made the choice to vape, collectively, as one voice we can assert some power.

Michael Bourke

I am not adverse to some level of regulation of the industry. If that increases what I pay for my Nicotine, then so be it! I, like others, believe I get my Nicotine from a reputable supplier, but I can tell you that I have no idea what is in it!?! I choose to vape and would prefer to do it as safely as I can.


Unfortunately, the govt will tax the hell out of it to the point smoking cigs will be cheaper…or close to it.
My plan is to stock up now and gradually reduce nicotine content to an unaddictable level. I hear that is 2mg or 0.2%. Hopefully one day I`ll forget to charge my batteries and not care..

Ann Wallis

I have read the input given so far.

My viewpoint is taking a lesson from History with Politicians.

They like to leave their “ mark” regardless of negative or positive.

Such as introducing GST.

And currently with COVID Jobkeeper and Jobseeker, contributing to putting Australia into a Recession.

Hmmm, how can the Government recoup the millions spent without many being aware.

Hello vaping, which has been proven to not contain the poisons of cigarettes.

But that is irrelevant, as maybe their goal is to introduce a Tax on Vaping as it is 90% cheaper than overtaxed cigarettes.

And also irrelevant that hard working people on low and middle income who Vape for health and financial reasons, finally have a little breathing space.

And what is the sole contributor of all these positives? Vaping.

I personally have seen a person who was totally addicted to cigarettes, had a smokers cough, yellow nicotine fingers, switch to Vaping and lose his smokers cough and confidently say they would never return to cigarettes.

But will now everyone’s freedom of choice to taken from them, and they will resort back to cigarettes which are taxed to high heaven.

But hey, someone has to pay for COVID decisions, so why not make it the hardworking little person.

But what they are not aware is that these people are use to working hard for what they want.

And they want the continued Right To Vape!


I'm devestated this has come about I'm 61 years old I've been smoking for over 40 years . I've tried all methods and aids to quit without success. Then five years ago I found vaping. I feel better my friends and family do not find it offensive in any way. I don't want to go back to cigarettes im scared depressed and angry that I will be forced to do this. Finally I found something that works for me and you take it away. I'm not a criminal don't make me one.

Jan Deimel

I smoked 60 cigarettes a day for 40 years. I tried many methods to give up but never succeeded. Three years ago I was introduced to vaping. From the first vape I new I would not ever smoke another cigarette. If I had continued to smoke I believe I would be on oxygen by now. The government will be doing more harm than good if they go ahead next year and ban juice with nicotine. It dosnt contain any chemicals or poison like cigarettes. Jobs will be lost due to vapping shops closing down, people will go back to cigarettes and I believe more crime will occur with shop break ins to steal cigarettes because people won't be able to afford them. I will be stocking up just in case this absurd law is past next year.

Veronica Haines

So true

Ade lim

Ask all of the smoker to get the doctor prescription to buy a pack of cigarette and rollies too.


Australian fuckwittery at it's best…
The Aussie vaping regulations have always been harsh, and now they want to practically ban them.
Vaping saves lives!

Steve M Rodrigues

Didn't Phillip Morris try and sue our government for loss of income due to a trade agreement signed with one of the countries they have a base in?

Is it possible for vape companies to do the same from countries with similar trade agreements?

Greg Taylor

Typical Government grab for cash. They are not worried about our health. They know the 300000 capers will probably go back to smoking and pay the huge taxes associated with that.
I tried everything to give up smoking and vaping has been my only success. This is the Australian Government trying to follow what America tried to do. We need to fight this now.


Not a very well disguised effort to force reformed smokers back to the cigs and drum up some much needed tax to cover Job Seeker, Job Keeper, defence spending, extra hospital/medical costs…A 6 month reprieve just gives our government time to work out how "we" can produce the same products in Australia & how much we're going to tax it.

Barry O’Dwyer

Great work guys!
It’s ridiculous that you can purchase cigarettes but not e- cigarettes which are much less lethal.
If ever a decision by government reeked of expediency, e.g protecting their tax revenue from tobacco, this is a prime example. It was significant that the ban on nicotine imports coincided with a crackdown on cigarettes being imported without duty. The government is obviously under financial pressure from it’s economic stimulus packages so they want to plug some of the shortfall by getting extra revenue from smokers.
The government should come clean that they need cash and impose a tax on e-nicotine imports. Simple.

Veronica Haines

So true



Steve Smith

I am sick and tired of being treated like a baby by these morons running the country. I was a 25 a day man for 50 years , but quit smoking cigarettes in favour of vaping two years ago. From talking with acquaintances from around the world, it seems that Australia is one of the few nations that is anti- vaping. I am also sufficiently cynical to believe that the federal government, especially in light of current economic circumstances, is sufficiently ruthless to wish to recoup the taxes lost by smokers changing to vaping. If that is the case, then this is hypocrisy at its worst. We are the laughing stock of the western world. Roll on next federal election so that we may be rid of Scummo & his mates.


I was in the process of developing an Nicotine based vape pen that was to marketed & sold solely as a tool to help current cigarette smokers such as myself quit. I have already paid for & developed stock etc.

Can anybody help me with any information what I’m able to do now with current laws in place & if there is anyway I can still sell these somehow?


They are dirty thieves. The only reason they are doing this is to regain lost tax dollars from cigs and they are throwing us under the bus to do it. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO PISSED AT OUR GOVT!!!


Does anyone know whether the Coalition and/or ALP receive campaign and/or party funding from the big tobacco companies eg : Phillip Morris or British Tobacco? I'd like to bet there is a vested interest in protecting the taxes gained from Tobacco sales in Australlia. Vape juice with nicotine sales threaten the tobacco sales by cannabalising it ; of course big tobacco will push back via it's friend/puppet in the form of Greg Hunt/*unt.

David Heathcote

My name is David, I am 66 years old, I am from the UK and have been off cigarettes for ten years. I am an international inventor who has brought to Australia a great saftey product to be launched. I was able to give up smoking ONLY due to vaping with a nicotine product. The restrictions in Australia have not been thought through at all well and the fines are no more than bullyboy tactics! For the first time in ten years this provenly knee jurk reaction has me lookingback at ciggarette smoking. This crazy insulting set of regulations to the Aussie folk, should be very seriously reconsidered as the heath minister may be causing the increase in cancer. He should use hard evidence not idealistic dreams. If he would like me to give hard evidence of this terrible interfring folly and bullying, then I am ghapt to go on ABC TV to drive a coach and horses through these dangerous regulations once and for all. As if COVID is not enough to tollerate, this health minister should not be playng wth the lives and health of former smokers! His bullying with punitive fines also smacks of I am right and you lot are wrong, so look out! This type of decision should be in keeping with consultation with Aussies and his fines idea should be halted psot haste. Please do not permit Aus to become as corrupt as my own mother England!


Nicotine is only mildly addictive, no more than coffee. The other "chemicals" in vape juice has been used for many years as cooking ingredients or anti coagulants. There is new evidence coming forward that hint that vaping is being approximately hamless. To anyone that questions the safety of vaping and wants to know much more about it I strongly advise you to look at regulator watch on youtube. I also recommend any politician reading or hearing about the vaping dilemma also look at the same information. Do not base your judgement on idealogical ideas but on science. You do not want to end up on the wrong side of history.

Darrel butler

I vape now.i have not had a cigi for 5 years and much helthier

Darrel butler

I think it's about how much tax you pay on cigi.s.i have saved over $10.000


Absolutely no words…..when does the power tripping ignorance and arrogance of this government stop. Funny how things get thrown under the political carpet when people start rising up against all of their ridiculous and out of line with the 'average working person' lurks and perks. Why the hell should everything, every single transaction be taxed to death in this country. Thats right…it makes their jobs easier…more money to throw at problems instead of creating real solutions. Well arseholes, vaping is a real solution to moving forward towards a healthier lifestyle for so many people………..and who the hell are you all to be telling us what we can and can't do anyway….we are hurting no one!

Tiffany La Belle

I'm shocked we live in a country that is now worse than the CCP!!!

I'm so disappointed I live in a country that I've had to resort to writing on forums and contacting parliamentary members to stop this ban!!!

I fee like my basic human rights are being violated!!!

I've lived in other countries before if they make this ban a reality I will be forced to start smoking cancerous causing cigarettes again.

I've stopped a 20+ year habit because I can vape.

But why can't we buy nicotine e-liquid in Australia?

What health minister in the world would want to ban a product that can help hundreds of thousands of people… a corrupt heath minister… or greedy one… there's no questions Greg Hunt is being so short sighted.

Please help us!


The war On Drugs Has Failed. This war On Vaping will also fail.

Which side of history do politicians want to be on ?

As far as Iam concerned government and all it's bureaucracy are
proving themselves to be unremorsefully morally bankrupt.

Hitler, could not stop the millions of Germans from smoking,
and the liberal government, will neither succeed, in it's ill informed
attempts to force the many Australian vapers, who are actually
benefiting from vaping, to actually stop vaping.

Ideology, should, in no way or form, be the basis of a governments
policy and or legislation.

If nicotine is so bad and dangerous, then why do we have nicotine
patches, gum and other failed nicotine infused anti smoking devices
readily available over the counter in chemist's and supermarkets ?

Pure hypocrisy and down right corruption at the highest levels of our
government and it's agencies, is all that Iam seeing, in this unparalleled
war on vaping and it's associated products.

Carole Todd

In a perfect world, no one would smoke cigarettes and no one would vape or drink alcohol, eat only healthy food etc.etc. But we don't live in a perfect world. I have been vaping for 12 years after a 37 year old cigarette habit, acquired whilst still at school. I tried many, many times to quit using all the useless nicotine patches, gum etc. Then I started vaping, obtaining supplies from reputable overseas suppliers. I have not touched a cigarette since. THEY CANNOT BAN VAPING UNTIL THEY BAN CIGARETTE SALES FROM YOUR LOCAL SUPERMARKET, TOBACCONIST OR PETROL STATION FIRST!

Rhonda Ryder

I have given up smoking over 10 yrs my lungs are clear, I substituted with nicotine vape , I feel fine, which is worse? I’ll go back to smoking if I have to, or maybe become an alcoholic. At least smokes are legal but to expensive,I know I can’t give up vape ,but I can’t afford to smoke maybe take the tax off smokes there legal. Why can’t you just leave us alone,


The Australian government penalizes the smoker every quarter thanks to MR RUDD puts the price up, when we get to the stage we need an alternative, especially if you've tried patches , pills , gum you name it and it don't work , vaping is the only thing left , so if all these non smoking pollies could wake up to themselves we are not at all like them or want to be, we need our alternative , you the pollies can't take every thing away from a Aussie battler, or have you forgotten what that is, we are still here , how can vaping be worse than smoking itself, wake up you so called experts , it's not ,so why ban it, government gonna loose too much income I could say mor but it may be to explicit


Greg Hunt is the worst Health Minister in my time as a Radiographer going back to the late 70's. He is a lawyer.

Therefore he is a slave to his Public Servants and just lets them rule the roost. This is a great example.

The Public Servants have zero compassion and just read the rule book. This counter to the underlying philosophy of care to sick people.

In the US a few years ago they had an "Opioid Crisis" whereby unscrupulous Doctors were prescribing high codeine content Oxycontin to patients (80 mg) and they were becoming addicted.

Greg Hunt's Department thought it would be a great idea to copy this and declare that there was an Opioid crisis in Australia. There were predictions of hundreds of thousands of people who were addicted having to be treated in hospitals when he took the mild form of the drug (7.5 mg of a less concentrated version of codeine) off the Chemist's shelves.

Never happened. There was never any Opioid Crisis in Australia.

So it is not just vaping.

Scott Morrison needs to replace Greg Hunt ASAP.

His performance of standing up at press conferences during COVID reading from a script was embarrassing to watch. He obviously does not have the requisite knowledge to be Minister during time of crisis. Dave Sharma is a Medical Doctor and would be a better choice. Even Barnaby Joyce has the right level of compassion and seems to be more intelligent than the "Jim Hacker" Health Minister we have.

He has to go.


Can somebody please tell me what I can do to help. I had been a smoker for 13 years straight, never skipped a day. Wanted to quit but was never able to.
Then came Vaping. I was skeptical at first but it worked, I was OFF cigarettes.

I want to help this cause with whatever it takes as I know there's many more like me.
Shame on the government and stupid spotlight seeking doctors who are supporting a ban on such an alternative for people who want to live a normal life. Pushing us into criminality by resorting to illegal means of obtaining nic salts juices etc.

If they want to ban Vaping, they would have to ban Smoking first. If they won't, well that would then be the biggest example of double standards we will ever see.

Peter Janos

Hi Guys.
I want to import some vape sticks which contain nicotine and I want to do this now.
However I am confused regarding the legality of it.
Can you please explain the situation and let me know if there is any appropriate permission I will need to obtain from our esteemed government.



Hi Peter, It is still legal to import nicotine e-liquid until 1 January 2021. You will need a prescription from a doctor to do this legally. If your own GP can't help, there is a list of GPs who can discuss this with you here

Nick McConchie

I am 68 years old and was a smoker for over 50 years. 2 years ago, I took up vaping and have not had a cigarette since. I am the first to concede that vaping is not good for you but it is many times better than cigarettes. I feel well, have much more energy than I did when I smoked.
I tried many times over 50 years to quit smoking, without success.
I am now concerned for my wife who had just started vaping after years of smoking. Her health is bad and she has always found it impossible to cease smoking. She is doing OK at the moment, but I know in my heart that if vaping is banned she will return to smoking and that will kill her.

Joe Bloggs

Here is an idea for all vapers! If the prescription thing for vaping comes into effect go to the doctor and tell him I am here for a vaping prescription and if you do not give one in a few minutes then I will have no other choice but to go to the nearest tobbacconist, buy a packet of cigarettes and smoke them out front of your office, then ask him, can you live with the guilt of me smoking when you could have assisted me in a safer option? See what they say! They would be out of their mind if they tell you to go ahead!!

Christina Vearing

This is ridiculous where is the democratic rights of people. These people are adults and can decide what they want. Nothing is said about alcohol which is more devastating than smoking. Ban alcohol and see how that turns out for the politicians


Hypocritical in the extreme to ban vaping before banning cigarettes.

Red orchrestra

Ban all state and federal governments past and present anti nicotine lawmakers and supporters of tobacco reformist and vape reformist and involvements for being so soft and and out of touch with realitity being ideaoligist waisting many millions in taxpayers money on useless anti research and spreading fake news or fake research on a moral issue that shouldnt be raised or going there as an issue on smoking or vaping you make things cheap and no black nicotine markets or corruptions exsist ,theres alot of tablets unduly enforced on patients that cause iantrogenic death and or become burdens on hospitals with healthy or unfit people but i doubt if smokers or vaperist stigmatise sick healthy non smokers taking up hospital resourses as burdens on the system when possably being dissenfranshised by medics for never smoking at all to and being accused for lung cancer from by bus fumes or toxic gipsland coal fires ect that wasnt fully ever follewed up on . ,smokers fund hospitals and sids and are treated like crap for there help from unduly taxed to help the cig taxes suposedly was designed to help smokers lifes or to quit so wtf weres my nicotine medicine or nic fix future imports for the future quit help??? Is it going to be like vape tax to help vapers quit but cant vape anyways ???? Pmsl something i should have a unrestricted choice of rights and what company i choose to buy from someone that vaping or smoking it maybe incurable disease dependance not addiction to nicotine or vape or physhcological dependance some may quit some quit nicotine whom were never addicted at all in first place ,,anyone can have a other vices thats as bad as more dangerous than smoking or vaping Is like 95% safer vaping i couldnt give a monkeys doorbell if was zero percent unsafe vaping if works for me it works for me or 2 bowls of pipe a day of tobacco thats nontoxic levels as a non smoker to but no one should be told how to think or tell others how to live there life or choices if dont want to ,no tobacco cigarettes or nicotine or vape regulations is needed except regulations to make propper cigarettes or pipe/tobacco or vape liquid we desire that once was Like without fsc chemicals that the makers once poisioned the smokers to quit and probaly caused vaping now and now smoke company whom contributed to toxins whom want get into selling vapes which i find that so silly and unreputable stuffing cigs up to make vapes if cigs wernt unadultered this vape reform debate wouldnt be happening now i guess .the vape industry has many ways helping vaperist safe and knowledgeable users with out strict government regulations …the prescription gp what ever model it is or will be has flaws and wont work with gp or with do it your self mixing stronger liquids with easier calculations In higher levels without subohming if limited nicotine for a reform or a rediculous tax model ..if anyone failed with vaping quiting or reducing the only method is to revert back to cheaper smokes alternatives thats frowned upon when all else fails as a option but impossable to with cost the goverment will leave alot vaporist in the dark so vaperist need to respect other vaperist if reverting back to cigarettes with no option ,i get it if ban vapes you ban all but would be unfair to ban all and smokers ediquate needs to be respected as vaperist smoked once to ,,the gateway issue effect is a load of poppycawk i would try the worst cardinal sin first rather than if a teen experimenting vaping first then smoking ..when nothing works to revert its anyones choice in what to vape or smoke .low income people and pensioners shouldnt be slugged by any stupid rediculous reform taxes as its a punnishment wether its for cigarettes or nicliquid some people bought there smokes before they ever vaped with there own money when was way cheaper but raises more issues with smoke expenditure issues the cashless debit when doesnt need to be issues the cashless card reforms raising taxes redicuously devides people and nations and is a comunist act for hatred like jews and nazis but vaping is way cheaper but vaping offenses are worse than a criminal but other countrys have a system for older smokers shopping they get a reduced discount slips for buying highly taxed cigarettes under reforms to survive but not here in australia ,the regulators they should mind there own dammed buissiness and look in there own back yard as the anti smoking lawyers used the second hand smoke theory to con the world with anti smoke shart to profit by there scams and got rich and enforced reforms unwarrantly and now its about vaping and if it not tobacco its about vaping and its uncontustional in bill of rights to slug nicotine taxes for profits in reforms ..i find the legal vape chalenge focuses to much on the quit side more rather than defending there rights that the goverment has no rights or a dutie to ban or to reform and its corrupt this anti action many vaperist have made many valid points tho funny smoking once was alowed to smoke on a train and in hospital a doctor or school teacher smoked a pipe and smoked in pubs once on the bus but cant vape anywere soon the lesser evil of 2 vaping is and could vape anywere buy without prescription once the world going insanely nuffnuff backwards in my 40 years the taxes have bled alot dry and goverment cant rely on taxes for ever this anti reform ban shart got to stop .fair suck of the sav


what is not illegal in Australia ?
Seriously ! What a lot of bull !
I am sick of burocrats telling us what we can or can not do !
And somebody should have the balls in the media to ask this
Very question. It is about time. How come you can buy nicotine products at the chemist to give up smoking for the very same price as cigarettes ,yes I know ,that supposed to stop us smoking , !? NO IT IS about money , taxes in fact ,and no one
Can tell me otherwise !
AND it is ABOUT time that people wake up ! ! !j
Legislation is an opinion . Nothing else ! And we have plenty of
Opinions don’t we .
What about my freedom of choice, what about my opinion ?
I am in the same universe, as all legislators,
So is this , dictatorship, is this discrimination, is this racism,
Well all you lovely people, DONT ! ! !
Here we are ,they legislate against one of the least harmful
Addictive chemicals if used correctly Nicotine .
What about all the drugs on the market,?
What about if we stop all the legislators using them ?
What about doctors with a morphine habit?
What about all the drugs at parties of the HIGH FLIERS all the pills, the Cocain river ?
What about HEROIN ?
What about ICE ?
It’s OK with me if all above is used by others !
JUST DO IT ! ! !


Hi all,
I suppose my previous comment was too close to the bone
That’s why it was removed,
It was all true !

craig trueman

It is disgusting that they would do this during a pandemic and no consultation with basically anyone.The best way of giving up smokes is vaping according to anyone that u speak to that uses a vape.for me it is the best but i find that nicotine patches are the best way as it does not effect the flavour but in turn makes the vape a lot more addictive but I know of no one doing this they all use the nicotine it helps the public because you do not smell they say its bad for you but at least ideally this is a short term way of giving up smokes instead for a million of people never even bothering for the other ways dont work.But to do this when we have been to lock our selfs down at a time of not knowing barely anything about the virus hence undoing all the progress people have made in giving up there houses smelling like crap again and there walls turning yellow and probably smoking more than normal either it be due to working at home and the stress of all the issues we are and were facing in this new world we(for most)found our selfs living in all this put together what a disgusting thing to do in what is most peoples so called deadly pandemic we are in.It says a lot about the people running the show when there is so much distrust in the hole system as it is.Im glad they done it on top off all the other things going on it shows these people for who they are.

Christine Manzoli

Why on earth would anyone want to ban a proven method of quitting smoking?? I don't want to stop vaping, it would force me to go back to smoking. I can now breathe, taste and I feel so much better. In the UK doctors endorse and help patients quit with the help of vaping. Why is Australia behind the times? Or are they upset because they no longer reap the benefits of cigarette tax? The whole idea of banning is absurd!


What are Greg Hunts medical qualification?
Law does not equip you to solve health problems, as we see from the state of the health dept s all over Australia
Is he also going to ban the nicotine from tobacco products??? Is he going to ask tobacco smokers to go to their GP and obtain a prescription I guess not as the tax is sooo good.
Thank you to all the politicians who support vaping.
I do not smoke, nor do I vape.

Mr Fukthagov

The government might like to think they can dictate, but if there is a will there is a way.. The hell to them I be stocking up before July and searching for black Market nicotine then.. Now they will have just another problem. Catch me if you can!!


This is absurd to ban nicotine vape liquids. In the interest of smokers who turned to capers it has provided safety, even a way to leave nicotine forever as it provides the ability to lower the amount of nicotine each juice. Why not use the uk as an example and then therefore set an example for the rest of this world. These mp’s trying to eradicate nicotine are cunts that have no understanding about the matter and feel as if they understand. So fuck them

William Davidson

I have been smoking for 50 years and 5 years ago I was introduced to Vaping and ECigarettes as I found that I was not inhaling the smoke from a cigarette because my breathing was getting harder by the day and at nearly $42.00 per day I found that a total waste of money, so I tried the ECigarette that cost a fraction of the price and within 3 weeks my breathing was so much better and the cost benefit was astounding a 1/3 of the cost of cigerettes

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