Media releases

9 Oct 2019
New report shows nicotine vaping will save lives

9  Sept 2019
New evidence that vaping nicotine is an effective quitting aid and is not linked to the US lung disease outbreak

2 August 2019
Greg Hunt’s e-cigarette delay will cost Australian lives

17 July 2019
Tragic death of child highlights urgent need for liquid nicotine regulation

13 June 2019
Urgent action needed to address smoking, still Australia’s biggest killer

26 February 2019
Legalising vaping will improve health and save money, study finds

6 February 2019
Regulation of nicotine liquid would help prevent further deaths

31 January 2019
Vaping more effective than nicotine replacement therapy, major study finds

28 January 2019
Study shows nicotine e-liquid exposure is low-risk

15 January 2019
TGA overreacts to vaping study

14 January 2019
 Australian study finds vaping products should be regulated



19 December 2018
First ever ‘switch to vaping’ campaign launched in Australia

12 December 2018
Smoking rates stall as Australia loses the battle against smoking

1 December 2018
Australia falls further behind in tobacco control

26 November 2018
Australian Psychiatrists support legalising vaping for smokers who can’t quit

23 November 2018
ATHRA endorses New Zealand’s new vaping regulations

21 November 2018
Youth smoking falling faster than ever since vaping, study finds

1 October 2018
Australia smokers denied potentially lifesaving strategies. Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction report, No Fire, No Smoke

18 September 2018
Federal Liberal Party votes for a further review of vaping

17 August 2018
Media release. UK House of Commons Science and Tech Committee E-Cigs Report. 16Aug2018

18 July 2018
‘Smoke Free Victoria’ plan misses the key ingredient – vaping

4 July 2018
Why are Australian physicians so opposed to vaping?

28 March 2018
E-cigarette report misses golden opportunity to save 500,000 Australian lives

16 February 2018
Vaping ban in smokefree areas may cause more harm than good

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