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    Reducing the harm from smoking

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    August 2020

    Vaping nicotine in Australia is under serious threat from Minister Hunt’s plan for a de facto ban on nicotine e-liquid from 1 January 2021. Importing nicotine after this date will attract a penalty of $220,000!

    New Zealand recently passed sensible legislation to make nicotine widely available as a consumer product. We could achieve this in Australia if the 520,000 Aussie vapers speak up. But we need to act now before it is too late.

    What you can do

    1. The most effective thing you can do is visit your local federal MP and the senators for your state and educate them. You need to simply tell your story about how vaping has helped you and that you want the ban reversed. You can find your federal MP by searching “federal MP [suburb or town]” in Google. Ring and ask for an appointment. Even better is to take one or more other vapers with you to give you confidence and to make a bigger impact.

    2. If you are unable to visit, pleasewrite a letter to your federal MP. Simply tell your story: how long you smoked, how smoking affected your health, how other treatments did not work for you, the benefits of vaping for your health and finances. Explain how important vaping is for you and ask them to vote to legalise vaping.

    3. Sign the Legalise Vaping petition which will be tabled in Parliament soon. Ask your friends and family to sign also.

    4. Talk to your GP about vaping. GPs do not know much about vaping, but GP training is now available here. Tell them the College of GPs supports vaping for smokers who can’t quit with other methods. GP guidelines on smoking and vaping are available.

    5. Write to your local newspaper like Nathan Artis did and ring the radio station whenever vaping is discussed.

    6. Tell anyone who will listen about your experience. The public is terribly misinformed about vaping and we need their support.

    7. Make a donation to ATHRA so we can lobby for you. All donations are tax-deductible.

    What’s new?

    The recent National Drug Strategy Household Survey found that Australian vaping rates more than doubled in the last 3 years and vaping is helping smokers quit. Vaping is now the most popular quitting method in Australia and is rare in non-smokers.

    Contrary to concerns raised in the media, the survey also found that teen vaping is rare in Australia, especially among non-smoking youth.

    ATHRA has prepared a list of GPs who provide prescriptions for vaping if it is appropriate for you. Read about the delightful Dr Carolyn and how she is helping vapers.

    Please contact us if you would like any further information.

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