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    Reducing the harm from smoking

    ATHRA supporter newsletter

    October 2019

    Vaping related lung injury

    As you know, the US 'vaping related lung injury' epidemic from THC (cannabis) vapes has led to a panic about nicotine vaping. Vapers are worried and most vape shops have noticed substantial downturns in business. It is not an exaggeration to say that the industry is at grave risk.

    ATHRA has produced an up-t0-date one-page handout for download from our website which explains what is really going on and how you can minimise any risk. Please feel free to download, print, email and share as widely as you can esp on social media. More information is available on our blog here and below.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or wish to share any information.

    Other threats to vaping

    Other imminent concern is a ban on internet sales, which will put most Australian vape shops out of business. This has just commenced in South Australia and there is talk of similar action in other states. See our blog here.

    Flavour bans are also a threat and are being proposed by the anti-vaping lobby, following their introduction in some US states, and would also destroy the industry in Australia

    Time to act

    Vaping in Australia is at a crisis and needs your help to survive. Vaping nicotine has the potential to be the biggest public health success this century. But it could also be banned.

    Please visit your local MP, donate to ATHRA here and support Legalise Vaping.

    How about contacting your local newspapers and pitch a story about vaping with local case studies. Take along the ATHRA handout on the lung injury epidemic as the basis of a story. ATHRA is happy to help by providing expert comments if needed.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or wish to share any information.

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