Vaping nicotine is a less harmful and less costly alternative for adult smokers who are unable to quit. 

Smokers who switch to vaping will

  • Feel much better
  • Save a packet
  • Be exposed to far fewer chemicals than from smoking

It is legal to vape with nicotine in Australia if you follow the guidelines below.

Millions of smokers have switched to vaping, like Michael and Dianne below.

Vaporisers (e-cigarettes)

There are many bricks-and-mortar vape shops and online business in Australia where you can buy quality devices and accessories. Search online for Australian vape stores. Vape shops are generally staffed by former smokers who now vape and can give you practical advice. Make sure you purchase a reputable brand and understand how to use the device safely. It is also important to stop smoking altogether when you are ready, in order to get the full benefit of vaping.


Most users require nicotine in their vaping e-liquid, at least initially.

  • Obtain a nicotine prescription from your doctor or other medical service. Your doctor can find out more about writing nicotine prescriptions here (health professional access only)
  • Order nicotine liquid from a trustworthy international website or an approved Australian compounding pharmacy
  • If importing nicotine liquid, make sure you meet the requirements of the TGA Personal Importation Scheme

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