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Why you should donate to the Aussie Vape Day campaign

Posted on May 6, 2019

The first ever Aussie Vape Day is to be held in under 4 weeks on 30 May 2019 to raise awareness of vaping and to encourage adult smokers who are unable to quit to consider making the switch to a much less harmful alternative.

This campaign will save lives, however, we need your support. All donations, no matter how small are welcome and are fully tax-deductible. Donations can be made at our GoFundMe page here.

What our donors are telling us

Many donors recognise that vaping advocacy is vital to protect vapers' rights, improve public health and send a message to government. Others are just so grateful that vaping has helped them that they want to help others make the switch.

  • 'We as vapers need to come together and support advocacy to protect our rights to vape' (Ben Adams)
  • 'We need help. We need the government to admit vaping is the way forward for hundreds of thousands of Australians.' (John Richardson)
  • 'This is a serious matter of public health' (Adam Metelmann)
  • 'I donated because it is right and good' (James Yaslana)
  • 'We must support those who are working hard to support the right for smokers to have choice to give the best chance for smokers to stop. Vaping is proving to be that God sent that it is helping where other systems have failed long term smokers.' (Broony Saint)
  • 'I would be still slowly killing myself smoking if not for vaping.. Thank you for trying so hard to protect our right to vape.' (Darlene Osseweyer)
  • 'My husband and I used vaping with nicotine to quit smoking over 2 years ago now and we have used our knowledge and old vape gear to help others do the same. Its amazing and easy and I don't know why Australia is so backwards in its vaping laws. Except obviously tobacco is a billion dollar industry...I hope your organisation can make a difference.' (Spring Baker)

How vaping has changed lives

  • 'I’ve smoked for 43 years and now I’m smoke-free for nearly 2 years thanks to my son introducing me to vape. Once upon a time they were saying the same thing about medicinal marijuana, and look at now.' (John Khatouki)
  • 'Vaping saved me from developing emphysema and has improved my lung problems, so I don't have chronic bronchitis and asthma anymore. I believe that it can help so many others.' (Oliver Walsh)
  • 'Vaping let me quit smoking in just 2 days. VAPING WORKS AS A SMOKING CESSATION TOOL. I smoked for 27 years.' (Wendy Anderson)
  • 'I donated because I have only been vaping for 8months but have seen the benefits from giving up smoking now I can breathe better an my house doesn't smell like ash tray stink and even my son and cat love the smell better. It's thanks to the vaping bogan Sam that got me to try and I haven't looked back.' (Shane Beekman)
  • 'Vaping is what stopped me smoking and I am grateful it did. Wish there was more advocacy in the UK.' (Emily O'Neill)

Thank you to all our campaign donors. Your support is greatly appreciated and could be life-saving for the smokers who  leave the dark side!

Please visit our GoFundMe page to add  your support

Read more about Aussie Vape Day here.

Posted by Colin Mendelsohn,

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