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New online smoking clinic offers prescriptions for vaping

Posted on April 1, 2020

AUSTRALIA'S first online medical service to help smokers quit is now available. The service offers prescriptions for vaping where appropriate.

Quitclinics provides best-practice medical care for smokers. Smokers should try to quit first with the approved treatments such as nicotine patches or gum or varenicline tablets. However, if other methods have been unsuccessful and you are interested in vaping, support and prescriptions for vaping liquids can be provided.

Quitclinics has been established by a registered Australian doctor. The service provides a secure face-to-face video consultation with the doctor

The doctor will speak to you about your smoking history and past quit attempts. All patients will be asked how many cigarettes they are smoking at the first visit and at 3-monthly intervals afterwards.

Patients make an appointment online and pay a $79 fee prior to consultation (about the cost of two packs of cigarettes). There is no Medicare rebate.

The service is available Australia-wide.

Vaping nicotine is legal in Australia if you have a prescription for nicotine from a registered Australian doctor. Quitclinics will provide prescriptions where appropriate to help smokers quit or reduce relapse to smoking.

ATHRA hopes Aussie smokers and vapers will embrace this service. Vaping is the most effective quitting aid available and has helped millions of smokers quit globally

Vaping is twice as effective as nicotine patches and gum and is at least 95% safer than smoking.

However, there are tough fines and even jail sentences for possessing nicotine without a prescription.

For those who are unable to quit with other therapies and choose to vape, this service provides advice and the necessary prescription to make vaping legal.

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PLEASE NOTE: ATHRA and its directors have no commercial or financial relationship with quitclinics.

Posted by Colin Mendelsohn,

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14 Replies to “New online smoking clinic offers prescriptions for vaping”

Patrick Cameron

Your quit clinics are now charging $149 .. not $79..


Thanks. Have corrected that


The fee now is $85. Quite reasonable for a 1 year script if it means I am legal and can import. Where I get mine from will keep a copy of the script and include in any orders sent

Billy Hamilton

Hi my name is Billy and I was a smoker for years until a friend introduced me to vaping it has literally helped me get off the smokes in a matter days but I am afraid to re-laps and start smoking again because I have asthma. I want to stay off smoked but it isn’t legal to import the liquids into Australia with out a prescription, how can I go about obtaining a prescription and am I a candidate for a prescription?


Annabelle Sanchez I'm in Miami Florida. Want more information regarding vaping nicotine.


This prescription racket introduced by TGA is nothing more than a money making scam. Australian politicians have always got their hands in our pockets. The psychological and financial distress this law is causing needs to stop. Legalise nicotine vaping in Australia and leave honest Aussies alone.

Brooke Turner

So bloody true.


Can you please advise whether a particular vape product can be specified on a prescription from a preferred supplier? I am currently using Vape Pods from Vaper Empire Australia.

Thank you


To tbh Legalize smoking nicotine across Australia and leave the honest Australians in peace as said by the guy in the comments. Thanks


I'm an adult, why can't I make my own health decisions and be left alone!!
Such a scam by the liberals


This is rubbish! Our government tries to control our lives way to much! The costs of smokes is ridiculous so let us vape in peace without having to do all this crap! I can’t even find a doctor who will give me a script for nicotine and back to smoking! I was meant to have a doctor call me today about giving me one and no call! What a joke! It’s just going to make people get it from the back of a truck! And hopefully blow up in their faces! Yesterday I rang two of my local doctors and they have no idea what I was talking about! Has anyone gotten a doctors nicotine vape script yet? And if so, from where? And why does it cosy$90 WTF?

Gloria M Bearne

After 22 years of quitting (I am 64 now) I took up smoking again a couple of years ago, hated it. I was excited about the vape and sadly I am not sure how to go about finding a doctor to get a prescription.

Really appreciate your assistance!
Warm regards

Joan Hinchliffe

I would like to get a prescription for vaping I was a smoker for 50 years been vaping for over 2 years never felt better looking forward to your reply cheers Joan

David Lonie

I am 70 years of age and had smoked tobacco products for 53 years. 4 years ago I changed to vaping to allow an arterial stent operation to go ahead. My Vascular Surgeon would not operate if I kept smoking tobacco. The change to vaping has left me healthier than smoking tobacco. In the past I have tried a non-smoking drug and nicotine patches to little effect. I no longer drink alcohol and am afraid of damage to my vascular system from the chemicals in tobacco products. I sincerely hope I am eligible for a nicotine vainglorious script.

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