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Government announces major crackdown to effectively ban nicotine imports

Posted on June 19, 2020

THE PLAN announced today by the Health Department to block the importation of nicotine for vaping is effectively a death sentence for hundreds of thousands of Australian vapers and smokers.

Many vapers will go back to smoking and smokers will be denied access to a legitimate quitting aid. Vapers who try to import nicotine from 1 July will be fined $220,000!

The proposal continues the governments wanton disregard for the growing scientific evidence and effectively denies Australia’s smokers access to vaping, the world’s most popular and effective quitting aid.

This is a cruel blow for Australia’s marginalized and disadvantaged communities which have far higher smoking rates and lower quit success than the rest of the community. Australia's high cigarette prices cause serious financial stress in the population. Vaping is 90% cheaper than smoking and can reduce health and financial inequalities.

Under the new guidelines, importation of nicotine for vaping involves an onerous and complicated process requiring a doctor’s prescription, special applications and importation procedures

Only a handful of Australian doctors are willing to write nicotine prescriptions under current laws. Even fewer will be willing to comply with the complex and time-consuming requirements of the new plan.

Under the new laws, vapers are no longer able to import nicotine e-liquid for their own personal use. Only medical suppliers or pharmacists can import nicotine with permission granted by the Health department

The proposal suggests that pharmacists could make up nicotine solutions for vapers who have a prescription. However, pharmacists need permission to possess and import nicotine from the state health departments. All have so far refused to give permission for this purpose.

On the other hand, there are no restrictions on the purchase of tobacco cigarettes which kill 21,000 Australians each year.

It is unscientific and irrational to ban vaping nicotine which is far safer alternative for smokers while we allow the widespread availability of deadly combustible cigarettes.

Vapers are exposed to far fewer chemical toxins than smokers, have far fewer toxins in body tissues and experience substantial improvements in health after switching from smoking.

According to the UK Royal College of Physicians, long-term vaping is likely to be no more than 5% of the risk of smoking. Studies suggest that vaping is up to twice as effective as nicotine replacement products such as patches and gum.

Most smokers want to quit and try and fail repeatedly. Vaping provides an exit strategy for smokers who are otherwise unable to quit and has helped millions of smokers to quit worldwide.

Australia has about 300,000 vapers who have used vaping as a quitting aid or as a safer alternative to smoking. For most, it will now be almost impossible to access nicotine.

Many will have no choice but to go back to smoking or to access nicotine through unregulated black-market supplies which are bound to step in to fill the gap.

The changes will also make vaping unavailable for Australia’s 3 million current smokers.

It is morally wrong for the government to deny smokers access to a far safer alternative which will improve their health.

The crackdown has been justified on the basis of exaggerated and unjustified concerns about youth vaping and nicotine poisoning.

There is no good evidence that vaping leads young people to become regular smokers. Regular vaping is almost entirely confined to current or former smokers and regular vaping is rare amongst never-smokers is very rare. Youth smoking rates in countries like the UK and US are falling faster than ever since vaping became available and it is more likely that is diverting young people from smoking. Research shows that teens who vape before starting to smoke are less likely to become smokers.

Recent data from the US, the UK and Australia indicate that nicotine poisoning is rare, especially when compared to poisoning from other chemicals and medicines. Most cases are mild and self-limiting and major harm or death are very rare. For example, in 2018 in the US which has the greatest number of vapers globally (the most recent year that statistics are available) there were no deaths from nicotine poisoning.


TGA. Prohibition on importing e-cigarettes containing vaporiser nicotine

Australian Government proposes strengthening its stance against e-cigarettes containing vaporiser nicotine. Media release

Advice from the TGA
Information for importers
Information for individuals, doctors and importers

ATHRA media release, 19 June 2020

Posted by Colin Mendelsohn,

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329 Replies to “Government announces major crackdown to effectively ban nicotine imports”

Lynda Stoner

This is the most harmful decision – I have lost count of cigarette smokers who have ceased owing wholly and solely to vaping. To take this away from people struggling to give is insane!


I'm not upset, sad or worried about this decision. What I am is angry.

Just when you think this govt. hasn't failed us enough, this happens.

I'm ready to riot. For real.

Hannah Sewell

I wholly agree with Courtney. Our government has failed us time and again this year, 2020, and now this? Not only are we in a stressful global pandemic but now they want to take away not only a big stress reliever but in turn make the stress worse by forcing people to either quit nicotine or spend more money that a lot of people don’t currently have on cigarettes that are forever increasing in price. I was disappointed in our government about the fires then the COVID-19 pandemic but this has hit a new low, and fining people 100 times more for importing nicotine then that of someone breaking quarantine social distancing laws during this global pandemic, where is the justification there? Honestly if the government wants to pick on one nicotine product then they should pick on both especially since they know how bad cigarettes are for the human body.

Jenny henwood

This is so wrong, smokers are being discriminated against and treated like pariahs, We are being treated like children & the adults making a choice for us keeping us safe from ourselves, people cut down with e cigs and if they dont that is also up to them, it is some peoples only bit of enjoyment – relaxation just like others have their coffee, the chemicals in the cigarettes is what kill not the nicotine, the government making smokes the price they are i am sure there would be a law against it, laws they break all the time even in this fair trading it says anyone selling anything has to have all the details about it ie wholesale price etc you dont see the government doing that with cigarettes, they are not putting it out there you have to look for it. In 2014 the government collected around 8 billion dollars in tobacco each year. The year before smokers imposed $318.4 million in net costs on Australia's healthcare system. Depending on rainfall, smokers also cost the taxpayer about $150 million a year in bushfire control, thats what google says,which cant be trusted either with words like around and about, they are likely raking 10billion in now they'll use excuses like bush fires to have excuses for where tax money is going when its really being put in their pockets, either way it works out to be 500million so their profit is 9 billion dollars after they put 500 million in adverting, it's not about smoking it about making money off smokers,, they make me sick they don't smoke either which makes it easy for them to pull the plug on every one else even if they did they can afford to pay $30 a day its evil what they are doing i am so fed up with them, this isn't a free country it's a dictatorship.


Any one organising a riot about this? I'll gladly chuck a sickie and join.


Remember Joe Hockey All on the public purse? Up goes the price of tobacco and he was hiding around the door smoking his cigar 1 rule for us one for them ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Vote with our feet?


I won't be able to. I'll be dead by then from eating myself to death due to no impulse control. Vaping has helped me off cigarettes. I was smoking 16mg, about 25 per day – I'm now on 3mg nic juice. The massive financial pressure from buying cigarettes was somewhat relieved. I have mental health issues and rely on vaping to take the edge off my anxiety. You are, however, authorised to use my casket as a dramatic prop whilst protesting in front of Parliament House.


We are all ready to stand up for our right to choose what, when ,or how, we live as long as we do not endanger others. Haven't we been stripped of many rights? stand up Aussies, we have had enough .this is the last straw. Tobacco Legal, Patches Legal Sprays Legal . All of these products fill the coffers with TAX for Gov…………You can use the grey matter to stop this going product to children Stop the madness


This decision will kill Australians and our government does not give a shit. We all need to do something to stop this. Does anyone have any ideas?


Yes, we have lots. Please see our latest blog here


sign the petition please


ATHRA i think you are great, but on this one i think you are wrong and doing more harm than good. the new law is for the seizure of prefilled devices (like disposables) and prefilled refills (pods). it is not about the seizure of nic juice on its own. to scare everyone into thinking this is just wrong. thought you were better than that. tell the truth, then tell ppl it could be your nic juice is next. truth will get more support, half truths and spin will push the supporters you need away as they stop trusting you


Dear Really?
The wording is a little unclear, but we think it refers to vaping devices with nicotine AND nicotine liquid separately.
For example it states
"The inclusion of nicotine as a prohibited import is in place for 12 months to allow the rescheduling process to run its course"
"his measure further strengthens Australia's precautionary approach to e-cigarettes, by prohibiting the importation of nicotine for use in e-cigarettes"

The government is strongly opposed to vaping. It would make no sense to prohibit nicotine only prefilled devices and allow others when it wants vaping to be totally eliminated.


That's probably because the regulation has been drafted by people who have no idea what they're talking about. There is no indication that the Personal Importation Scheme will be affected. This time. Probably because there is a total dearth of reliable information on the actual use of nicotine in vaping and why people are using it in this country and the people drafting the regulation have no idea what they're dealing with. The state of vaping versus the government is like the censorship of books in the 1950s at the moment: utterly irrational.


@Colin @Really?

The Australian Government has announced that they intend to ask the Governor-General in Council to amend the Customs (Prohibited Import) Regulations from 1 July 2020 prohibiting the importation of e-cigarettes containing vaporiser nicotine (nicotine in solution or in salt or base form) and nicotine-containing refills unless on prescription from a doctor.

upon reading this opening statement, i have to agree with @Really?

it is a bit ambiguous, i really hope im right. Vaping has saved me!!

what i really cannot comprehend, is that if nicotine was to be prohibited under poisons act, then how can the F$$K do they get away with selling poisonous disgusting cigs at every corner store! im so sick of this upsidedown government denying my right to be healthy.

Paul Ingram

The part you must look at is

"(nicotine in solution or in salt or base form) and nicotine-containing refills"

Nicotine in Solution, So Solution containing Nicotine, or In Salt or Nicotine on its own and PODS and CARTOS, Either way we are stuffed. 🙁

Michael Bourke

Do we know if the Governor General has actually signed this proposal?

David Sims

"You are no longer permitted to import nicotine for use in e-cigarettes directly from an overseas supplier without a valid import permit."

The wording is perfectly clear. I guess when my nicotine on hand runs out I will have to quit vaping, like I did smoking. Fortunately I find not vaping substantially easier then not smoking, it's a shame the other 3 million smokers will suffer proven risk of early death / cancer / emphysema.


The twist is in the wording "for use in e-cigarettes". The TGA regulation on importation states "you can legally import nicotine from overseas to help you quit or reduce smoking under the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Personal Importation Scheme." It doesn't specify HOW you use that nicotine to help you quit smoking. You might use an e-cigarette, but maybe you use other methods. Like a vaping device that is not classified as an e-cigarette. Or maybe you just dab the nicotine on your skin or even put it in an electronic diffuser. Who knows? Hence the TGA requirement for a doctor's prescription. The point is, the wording is not clear at all. This is why lawyers exist to work this stuff out.


@Really! you are an absolute idiot. Read the submission before making false claims that Athra is knowingly bending the truth. You and Greg Hunt can must share 1 brain cell



Mark Attard

It is prohibiting the purchase of Nicotine Juice unless prescribed by a doctor


After being a smoker for 25years with repeat failed attempts to quit, I finally quit by way of vaping. I've now been vaping for 4years and not once touch a cigarette. Now I'm so scared that I'll end up back on them because I can't access the nicotine. This is going to destroy so many people financially and not to mention what it's going to do to peoples health.


Me too


I'm with you. Eight years ago I was putting away between 50~60 cigarettes per day and having to supplement my habit with Asmol and Symbicort. These days I'm vaping exclusively, my lung function has improved out of sight and frankly I prefer it to where I was back then.

Our illustrious health minister is clearly wearing his heart on his sleeve on the revenue aspect of this legislation and not out of any health concerns for the Australian people. We know this because he would otherwise have been pushing for a blanket ban on ALL nicotine product sales, not simply those related to personal vaping.

I'm not impressed at all. Any party that fields a reprobate of his calibre is not one that deserves my vote and I respectfully suggest yours either. Going forward, any party who is this blatant about ripping off the average Aussie in this manner should be at the bottom of everyone's ballot.

They'll certainly be at the bottom of mine. Prohibition has failed every time where it has been applied and if our leaders are that arrogant and ignorant to think they will succeed where every other attempt has failed then they deserve to look every bit the drongos they are when they get kicked to the curb.


So ridiculous! Vaping is so much better than inhaling toxins contained in cigarettes. Is this because the Government hasn’t worked out a way to tax vaping liquid containing nicotine? I gave up evil cigarettes by vaping. I keep some liquid on hand for those times I feel my resolve breaking and want a cigarette. Guess it’s time to grab a few extra bottles of nicotine containing liquid before this stupid ban comes into force. Not at all happy with this decision!

Captain Haddock

Marlis, do you know if it is still possible to legally purchase and import vaping nicotine into Australia? I literally just heard five minutes ago on Sky News that vaping liquid has/is being banned by Herr Commandant Hunt, and reading these seven comments here does not make it clear to me what has happened. I shall investigate further, immediately after I post this message, but I ask for anybody to post any information/links relevant to this new situation.

Thank you.


Yep, banning all nicotine eliquid imports. You had better order some tonight from NZ because cut off is tomorrow or Monday. I've just ordered a heap of it.


They're already destroying them. Mine was destroyed by border security 3 weeks ago. $300 worth.


Vaping has saved be from a 100 per day habit to socially vaping. My health is better. My bank balance Is healthier. I smoked for over 45 years.


me tpp 🙁 i don't wanna go back and i won't go back with or without vape , i won't smoke again . but vape helped me to quit , i couldn't have achieved it without this invention , and i am not abusing the vape maybe 40-50 puffs a day why now do i have to go to a doctor and ask for a prescription and go through all those bullshits while i can access more easy? what is wrong with this government this is not nice , i heard about a child died from drinking the nicotine liquid but his could happen with any other substance as well , the parents to be blammed not te substance , with this same logic then there millions of products in the market should be banned in this way ?this is obviosly not a good intention and not serving good , i am not happy this is not nice:(


It's all about the revenue again…No major party will ever get my vote!

Captain Haddock

To anybody that is interested, my earlier reply to a comment above has not yet been moderated and published, but I have since found some information that may be helpful to you (via HiLiq). The link below is a link to a '' site that ambiguously states their intention.


Hi Captain, That link gives more details, but is also available on the website, above


Ok, so I see a lot of people in the comments saying they are not happy about the changes, but how can we ‘the people/public’ get in contact with whoever is making the changes or approving the legislation?

The news articles I have read say the Therapeutic Drugs Administration will spend the next 12 months doing ‘public consultation’. I would like to have my voice heard.

Maybe if we get the 300k vapers to put forward their personal experience with quitting smoking and how vaping has helped that might influence.

I love vaping and think it is absolute crap that the government have done an 12m absolute ban. What crap I put into my body is my decision. I think more people have been killed by driving than vaping but you don’t see them banning driving.

Rant over.

What I want to know is, who do I contact to make a difference?


Contact your local member. The more people who complain in your area the better, and getting non smokers and everone involved would be good. The govt need to see that this is a potential problem re lobby groups..


How about they do the public consultation BEFORE issuing a blanket ban? Fuckwits.


I quit smoking less than a year ago with the help of vaping after smoking heavily for over forty years. Nothing else worked to quit. I tried everything – cold turkey, patches, nicotine chewing gum, inhalers etc and until I found vaping I thought I would smoke till I died. Only vaping worked. I ordered a bottle of nicotine from NZ, bought a vape and had my last smoke one day and started vaping the next. Vaping was the only thing that worked.

Now the government wants me to stop vaping and I am so angry. I love not coughing up tar every morning like I used to but I'm quite certain that when I run out of nicotine I will be forced back onto the smokes. Some of us just need nicotine to function properly, that's a fact. What kind of stupid and ignorant health policy is this dumb government pushing?

Hope Maggie Buys a Stockpile

Maggie you have a few days to buy some freebase nicotine and store it in the freezer, it can last over a decade in the freezer, big bottles and you 'spike' the no-nicotine liquid you'll still be able to buy, with a few ml from the bottle of freebase nicotine. You must act fast you only have a few days to buy this.


Order some tonight, New Zealand is cutting off Aussie orders tomorrow or Monday.

Lorna Smith

Every site that I have checked has sold out!!!!!!

Michael Bourke

Hi Lorna,

23 June 2020 they still have stock!

Lisa Brudenell

I'm devestated. WTF! I was a heavy smoker for 40 years also.
Started vaping 2 years ago and my lungs are clear, I don't stink, I don't feel like a social outcast and I can afford it. Was told this could happen so have a bit of bulk but thought there would be a bit more warning. Of course not. The gov has slipped this in while people are in lock down from the virus that has conveniently stopped our ability to protest. … Its bad enough that impoverished smokers are scabbing butt's off the street…b Great way to spread a virus… Gov freaking at lost revenue from the huge tax that tobaccos hit with… Aaargghh! Too bloody angry….

Captain Haddock

Thanks Colin, I was not aware that the hyper-link to 'the proposal' was the same link that I posted.

Eric M Wetzel

This is absolutely ridiculous. WTAF. After 10 years of studying to this point they have proven having HELPS people quite smoking. Some choose to keep vaping, like myself. But others do quit. More people have quit smoking due to vaping than any other way.

In 10 more years of studying we may find our vaping is more dangerous than smoking, but for right now follow the facts!! Just because you don't like them. Facts don't lie

Why would you want to force anyone back on cigarettes? What an asshole move. I thought this was all over after they tried to use vaping as a scapegoat for Covid before they realized they couldn't contain it.

Oh, and that diacetyl or "Popcorn lung" everyone likes to connect with vaping. They found small trace amounts in some non legit ejuice back in 2016. Of you order from reputable companies that doesn't happen. Oh, but it is in your cigarettes. Yup.

So we ban this, but cigarettes are still ok. Get as much tar in Ya as possible. Just crazy.

One country is actually very pro vaping and gives them away for free at hospitals. Bottom line it's another choice taken away.

I know a few Australian youtube review dudes. I bet they ah bloody ripped mate.

Theodore Szabo

So we'll written Colin. It's a sorry state of affairs.


The despicable nanny nation strikes again.


I'm sure they'll use the 12 month "review" process to source legal amendments to include nicotine in tobacco prohibition and excise laws and thus be able to tax it. Ultimate goal for govt, they don't want to continue to lose excise revenue to other nicotine products that are not tobacco based.

Daniel Trinder

Another form of control purely based on corpprate greed .. Another example of the real agenda of governments coersion withvcorporation's to profit off the already marginalised no matter the consequences ..sp disgusting


How stupid, the government bans importation of nicotine for ecigs etc.
Gets people back on cigarettes, only to get more taxes. Nothing to do with health.


Please sign this petition –

You can use patches, nicotine spray which pumps nicotine into your body but you can't vape. I don't understand the logic at all. Above all cigarettes are so so much more harmful to you. More people die from cigarette smoking. I truly think this is a money making scheme 🙂

Michael Shaw

Is there any possible way to legalise nicotine, where you can purchase with proof of ID?
There has to be a logical and well informed discussion as to how to stop young people purchasing nicotine? A safety guideline!
I definitely don’t want to start smoking again!


Sounds like it is for all nicotine, not just prefilled ecigs and cartridges. See two quotes highlighted with quotations (" ") below.

Found this on a gov website –

Why is the government introducing this regulation?

The sale of e-cigarettes containing vaporiser nicotine (nicotine in a solution or in salt or base form) is already prohibited by law by each state and territory, because of public health concerns. "This measure further strengthens Australia's precautionary approach to e-cigarettes, by prohibiting the importation of nicotine for use in e-cigarettes unless exempt under specific circumstances."

Will I still be able to get e-cigarettes?

If both you and your doctor believe that the use of nicotine e-cigarettes can help you to stop smoking then you can still access the products with appropriate medical supervision.

You will need a prescription from your doctor for an e-cigarette containing vaporiser nicotine, and it will need to be obtained on your behalf by a medical supplier or from a pharmacist who dispenses it for your use as the named patient. The company or the pharmacist will need to be given a copy of your prescription.

"You are no longer permitted to import nicotine for use in e-cigarettes directly from an overseas supplier without a valid import permit."


In the end it's all about money isn't it.


No. It's about psychotic medical fanatics maintaining control of the population.

D Sherriff

I was a long term smoker with lung condition I have been much better great improvement since I been vaping

Kevin Williams

The government makes billions of dollars from cigarette tax, this is why the government wants to ban vaping and not cigarettes.
The pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars from nicotine replacement therapies, this is why they want vaping banned.
It is all about our corrupt government politicians and the kickbacks they get from the pharmaceutical companies.
Neither our government politicians or the pharmaceutical companies are interested in people’s health, only the almighty dollar.

Robert Kotevski

Spot on mate…


Completely correct Kevin. Cannot believe that they have done this it will affect so many people. But as long as the Government can get their money from taxes they do not care. The speed that they have done this is scary, not giving people enough time to order extra supplies. Really looks like they want all the people that have given up smoking to go back to the ciggies. I am now glad that i have been vaping some of the nicotine free juices in between the nicotine juice. It is not the same but better than nothing.

Kevin Williams

I was a smoker for over 30 years and I tried patches, sprays, gum, lozenges, etc to quit and failed.
It was only when I started Vaping that I was able to quit smoking for good and I have been cigarette free for 3 years now.



If I have ordered eliquid from NZ today and it arrives before 01/Jul/2020, is it a legal order?
And if the order placed today arrives on or after 01/Jul/2020 is there still a fine for importing?

It is unclear from the ausgov website –
Thanks in advance


Hi SA, There is no ban on importing nicotine before 1 July, but it is an offence when you take possession or use it unless you have a prescription from a doctor. Importing nicotine after 1 July attracts a $220,000 fine if it is intercepted. However, I would imagine there would be some leniency under the circumstances.

Iain Fitzgerald

I would fully support it if they gave Vape stores a license to make/import/carry and sell premixed liquids. But without that plan in place I cannot support this what so ever and actually feel like it's a breach of free choice and possibly human rights? Everyone has done everything by the book and their lazy asses can't look at the facts and rewrite legislation to suite a new product.


That's so sad, even a death wish in that the current Vapers who have quit smoking have no voice in this matter or recourse.

Overnight, they have to find a doctor who is prepared to go through this complex set-up to supply what they already have supplied to them for their needs, or the Vaper now needs to run the gauntlet and purchase from overseas vendors who may/may not supply, and the Vaper then takes the full risk of the fine.

Doesn't seem fair, nor appropriate


I was introduced to vaping over a year ago and have managed to mostly quit cigarettes by vaping. Vaping has improved my health and can be evidenced by my improved stamina when running. I am a hard core smoker previously on 25 to 30 sticks a day and vaping has changed all that. Since reading this news I have already smoked 10 sticks in 1h due to the stress. Please help! I am sinking into depression now…. HELP……

Ken mason

Once again the government is dictating to the public whats good for all. Next it will be what we can eat.


I’m not going back to cigarettes


Absolutely that’s an option for me either. 0mg liquid and patches when my stock runs out will be my strategy.


me neither brother… i am not going back to those shits… government can f** themself.

Nigel Mcentee

what are we going to do about it? I need tohave an input into my own choices. Is there a common forum, or partician, I would very much like to be involved.


Hi Nigel, ATHRA, LVA and ARVIA are looking at the options and will keep everyone posted.


What a terrible decision


Obviously you people have never witnessed parents walking up to the counter in a supermarket and purchasing $100 worth of cigarettes while the children with them haven’t even got shoes on their feet . But at least the government is getting their TAX dollars even if the children go hungry and live in the same filthy clothes for a week . Well done on removing a possible solution to smokers

Fiona Higgins

I am absolutely devastated. 6 years of vaping and not 1 cigarette in that time, after smoking a pack a day. I feel great, run 7 kms 4 times a week, go to the gym regularly. No longer have a cough and not out of breath. I tried gum, patches, cold turkey, sprays. What can I do now? Vaping has been my saviour. I feel sick in the stomach right now. I thought I had finally found my solution. The sad part is that a black market will develop and the e-juice produced may cause problems, as there will be no quality control.

Paul Jones

I like many of the respondents below gave up smoking cigarettes after 40+ years only due to the availability of e-cigs containing nicotine – I haven't had a cigarette in 5 years and have never felt like one from the day starting on e-cigs. If e-liquid is to be illegal because it contains nicotine it doesn't make sense to allow cigarettes containing nicotine to be legal – perhaps only because the Govt makes so much tax revenue on cigarettes that they can't do without it ! Ok, I get it, maybe they're after a tax on e-liquid containing nicotine – if so, I'd rather pay a tax than go back to cigarettes from an health and financial point of view – a tax on e-liquid would still be cheaper than cigarettes. Finally, why hasn't an online petition been organized to submit to the Govt ?


I’m with you Paul, but the tax they will impose will make e-juice just as expensive as cigarettes. It obvious what the true agenda is. I question too what pressure (or incentives) tobacco companies have placed on the government to place the ban?


Because petitions do nothing, but I agree with everything you've said.


Yep the government has no idea and fueled by greed and laziness not public health. Look to nz and the UK and the results are evident that vaping definitely helps people kick the cancer sticks. Kids vaping is better than kids smoking because kids will be kids right. But guess what now kids are going to be back on the stinkies and thousands of Aussies will no doubt do the same. Well done australian government, look forward to people dropping from black market nicotine and more tobacco revenue!


Wow .Sales must have dropped in Cigarettes. Unbelievable. Lets help the drug addiction problem we have with free methadone but pull the plug on helping smokers. This is truly unfair on so many levels.


The report says they are still seeking approval from the Governor-General. Is there a process in which to submit a counter argument?
As the Governments justification is due to public health concerns, I implore the Governor-General to also ban all tobacco products at the same time to help save me from myself. The government them self identify e-juice use leads to tobacco, so to ban the sale of tobacco will give me no choice but to quick nicotine.


Try this, nice and simple to use also. Email the G.General directly. Ridiculous assumption that patches (which hypocritically enough is direct nicotine to blood system)and dangerous drugs like Champix is safer alternatives. Loss of tobacco excise is only real logical explanation. Next outrageous nicotine excise will be result. watch this space. Easy to exploit for easy money, the already demonised section of society..


A $30 bottle will last me 2 years. That's what you spend in a day for cigarettes which has 70% tax. This is government making junkies, being drug dealers with the law on their side.
Nicotine should be dispensed for free at every hopsital!


I was a smoker for 30 years and made a number of attempts to quit using other methods. The switch to vaping was easy andI have been vaping for 4 years now. I will probably start smoking again once my supply runs out.


Fuck the government
They don't care about the Australian people.

Dino de Abreu

Its always about money, the government loses millions by people vaping, so the polititions get less.They supposed to represent the people so they must earn normal people wages. NEVER HAPPEN !!!

Debra Carmody

I am really upset about this sneaky behind the public’s back decision. I was smoking 40 per day and was able to move to vaping and my health has improved. Tried everything else. Keep us updated and I will participate in whatever we need to do. I will even protest for the first time in my 60+ years. I am outraged!


I'm another long term smoker that gave up tobacco 3 years ago without once smoking a cigarette to date and only due to vaping as an alternative. My health has improved as has my finances. That's where the clue is; I used to spend $180 a week on tobacco and most of that was excise & GST on top. Now I spend about $20 a week and it only includes GST.
The government wants you to smoke heaps and die early, you won't burden the health system anywhere near as much as you will the welfare system if you are on the aged pension. In the meantime they milk you.
I'm a 50yr old professional trade qualified (off tools) individual. I've no criminal history and I don't take illegal drugs – or didn't, until now. I just spent $600 getting stocked in because I like my premium e-juice. When that runs out I'll be using the black market, unfortunately.

Lorna Smith

Well said Anthony.


"Vaping is 90% cheaper than smoking"

Is this the reason why they are banning it?


Logic would say definitely. Scientific proof to date does not support their proposal, or reasoning. Smokers are always easy revenue making victims. Society has already been programmed over the decades to demonise them, so they know there's really no challenge on a public relations stance for their proposal, no matter how flawed it is. Easy pickings with guaranteed success, resulting in the inclusion of nicotine liquid into their tobacco excise laws, effectively closing the loophole and now being able to tax nicotine, along side tobacco by attempting to define it as a dangerous drug. They can't really excise it without that inclusion of that part of the definition.


I would be really interested in seeing this growing scientific research showing that vaping is better for you, I'm not being sarcastic here I have only ever seen research papers say no discernible difference or worse, please show your working


Hi Kymm, the evidence is overwhelming that vaping is far safer than smoking. This article is a good start

Eamon Starrett

I hate the government. I have waited 50 long years to get off tobacco. I have been vapping for about 3 years now and am financially better off and my health has never been better. I can breathe better now. This bastard government is going to kill me. They must be stopped now.

Travis Brakey

Government is a joke people have no freedom 🙄 they are wrecking our freedom's i personally hate the way they decide for us i have no respect for them at all..

Robert Kotevski

They want to kill us, that's why there stopping vaporized nicotine, so everyone that stopped smoking tobacco will go back to cigarettes, thats where the government is making there money , it's all about the money to them, there losing millions by people importing there nicotine from overseas, that's why there doing this, not for better health reasons, if it was for better health they would take away cigarettes, aswell, but they will never do that, why'' there making money……


This is for prepared products, for example the JUUL device, that contain and deliver nicotine ie e-cigarettes and refill cartridges. This does not affect the TGA Personal Importation Scheme whereby an individual is allowed to import 3 months suply of nicotine for the purposes of reducing or quitting smoking (with a medical certificate). It's not hard to do this in Australia (from New Zealand). This is a step backwards but given most people vaping in Australia mix their own nicotine, it won't be a massive setback.

Penni Madsen


That was my initial interpretation too. However, since more digging, I believe more that Athena is the correct perspective. Ie all nicotine. What do you think, has you opinion changed? Oh I hope you are right, this is a disaster 🙁


The only way is to make a noise people. It’s not like bitching about cigarette price rises every year where we exhaust our anger and frustration and then just carry on smoking. Venting our anger on here may help us feel better and less alone but won’t help. Every one of you needs to contact your local and federal MP and share your stories with them. I’ve written an email story request to channel 10s The Project and I suggest you all do the same, they won’t take up a story this boring for the 87% of Australians that don’t smoke or Vape because those people don’t care if we die from returning to smoking. Maybe they would do a story if every Vaper in Australia emails them and suggests their life saving Vape success and how disgraceful the Australian governments effectively Sanctioned execution legislation is. While you’re at it, email all the current news shows. The only way is to make large numbers of people aware of what just happened because as others have said and I’m guessing also that most of us had no idea that this was coming as that was the way, I believe, it was meant to be!


The banning of imported nicotine eluquid has to be one of the most hypocritical things this pathetic government has done yet. Yes, lets force oeople back to cigarettes so that they can collect more tax money. Absolutely ridiculous. I've just ordered enough to last me a few years so stick it SCUMO!!!


Disappointed in Greg Hunt. I thought he was a good minister but he off the mark on this one. With all of the handouts, job keeper, job seeker, free child care etc etc the government is trying to grab revenue wherever they can to help bridge the gap. The excise and sales tax on cigarettes is huge. With more revenue going to vaping to provide people with better health reduces the government take from taxes. It’s government’s responsibility to act in the best interest of Australians, but have let many of them down big time in the search for more revenue. What other reason can there be? With proven health benefits for vaping to be a safer alternate to smoking it is a no brainer to make this unavailable.

Ashley Tomlinson

What the hell is the health department thinking your just making people that want to quit go back to smoking cigarettes, Vaping is 95% healthier and you don't stink and it's a hell of a lot cheaper ban cigarettes that kill people every year, do the right thing health department and stop trying to ban a good thing for people that want to quit there are ways of keeping young people away from it, your just jumping the gun think about what your about to do you don't have the power over millions of Australians your basically going to start a WAR.


how can they not at least give us some warning or a time period leading up to the ban
with covid-19 and the mail already slow, there is probably heaps of stuff stuck in the pipeline

with any other changes they have always give 1 year type lead ups

many businesses will close from july 1 in australia which is crazy considering the government wanted to protect businesses through covid-19 then they do this


I wonder (((who))) could be behind this?


Sad day, vaping saved my life. Many others won’t be as fortunate now. We mustn’t be responsible enough to regulate our own nicotine intake. The vape will make a comeback, but it will probably only be available from the pharmacy as a weak disposable pen that costs as much as smoking, owned by Big Tobacco and greasing only the hands our greedy government chooses. Money over life. Shame, shame, shame.


Is there an online prescription source? I’m in Tasmania and do not know of any GPs who would prescribe.



Thus is absurd. Hoping it will be changed or I will have to go back to smoking

Will Weatherly

this is the worst decision to ban all imports
I am just 100% pissed


Vaping has saved me after 30 plus years on smokes. Don't let them take it away. I've gone from spending $175 a week to about $12. I can spend money on the kids now. Not myself. Wake up you c#$ts in government. Give us "ordinary people" a go.

Will Weatherly

I think all vappers out there should take on a protest and take it to the government in each city if we all call out in one voice for our rights to Vap here in Australia they have to listen


its all about tobacco tax to help pay of the current huge covid-19 debt.
need more people smoking cigarettes again to increase sales.
also need to put all the unused ventilators to use in hospitals.
was a 50 a day smoker for + 45 years
haven't touched a real smoke for 4 years from vaping.
weened myself of nicotine liquid in first 12 months.
just social vape now with watermelon liquid only.
prior to taking up vaping i had tried hypnotism 4 times, patches, gum, meditation, champix and cold turkey and all caused me to smoke more.
i needed a bi-lateral total knee replacements when i was smoking and Specialists would not touch me unless i gave up smoking for at least 12 months.
after 2 years of vaping i was able to have the procedure done with no complications.


This is an outrage I don't smoke cigarettes or vape but this is wrong just like so many other thing's are very wrong about our government. Nobody voted for. You wankers just do what ever you want and we the people suffer for it hope all you politicians choke on your next expensive meal and die

sam whitehead

This ban is really the way to force people who vape to go back to smoking, I have not had a cigarette in 5 years, And really dont want too, But what choice is the Australian government giving me. I tried patches, Nicotine gum, and lozenges , and non working for me, So every 3 months or so i send an order to England so that i am not tempted to smoke again, Please look at how many people e-cigarettes have aided smokers to quit the filthy and dangerous world of smoking.


Lol a health issue seriously this concern coming from the government who has no problem collecting the millions of dollars from over excised tax’s on the products they sell over the counter now I’m no mathematical wis but a six year old can see 300’000 people now not contributing to there governments slush funded Tabasco tax’s must be really starting to burn a hole in there pocket
A packet of 20 cigarettes $50.00 lasts one day and causes me to smell like a ash tray
120 ml 12 ml nicotine vape juice lasts 3 months the Oder dose not irratate my partner who has never smoked I don’t smell like a ash tray in general I’m more active then when I was smoking cost $40.00
The lost revenue over three months around $3000
Good on ya mr Morrison suppose u gotta try finding money by killing us


Most of these people recommending and passing these laws are non smokers. Nicotine vaping is by far the most effective way to eliminate reliance on cigarettes from a first hand experience point of view. Yes there is nicotine but minus all the other nasties that come with inhaling cigarettes. When I heard of this ban, I reverted back to cigarettes as of yesterday after a year of vaping and already feel a deprovement in my health. Guess I will have to accept the fact that I will have to die from cigarettes…


“Let’s ban something that’s similar to something else but nowhere near as bad (and allow that bad thing to run its course)”.

The way I see it, the real reasoning behind the Government’s desire to criminalise Vaping is BECAUSE IT WORKS!
For the last X years the price of cigarettes have increased substantially per annum through Government taxes.
However, the Government’s ability to collect these taxes, in their entirety, is on the decline because ‘vaping works’ and an increasing, almost alarming, number of smokers are making the switch and, after thirty-eight (38) years, I am now one of them.
Long story short, smoking is a cash cow. A limited time offer only.
Potential/new smokers will be priced out. Why would you start at those ridiculous prices?
What teenager is going to pay more for a packet of cigarettes than they would for a bottle of alcohol, seriously?
Which brings us to the die hard smokers . . .
It’s REALLY difficult to quit. If it were easy TRUST me everyone would be doing it.
The die hard smokers, the ones who can’t quit no matter what and how often they try, won’t be around forever their numbers decreasing on a daily basis.
So, cash cow/limited time offer you see?
Therefore the Government doesn’t want THEM to disappear too quickly as THEY are currently filling the coffers (see what I did there?).
Vaping is a tremendous contributor to this increasingly rapid decline in smokers and it’s got the Government in a panic. They didn’t bank on smokers quitting, it’s so hard to do and the current ‘quitting aids’ on the market are questionable at best.
The Government was counting on X amount of smokers to pay the exuberant prices for Y amount of years and those numbers were only to decline as the current smokers died of smoking related illness and NOT the mass exodus that has been seen over recent years through vaping.
Any new laws passed surly should be for the better of the Australian people but this one seems to be solely profit based.
Bottom line is vaping is rapidly cutting into the Governments profits and they don’t like that and will combat it as they see fit without reasonable explanation.


You fucking bastards I AM SO ANGRY


This is clear evidence that the Australian Government has it's head buried deap in the sand and does not care one little bit about the health and the lives of its citizens.
This decision is appalling. It is just want excuse for the government to recuperate the money they spent on the pandemic and the beurocrats who pass this bill now have blood on their hands and IMO have to be held accountable for every death that arises from smoking..
Shame, shame, shame on you Australia…


This decision by our inept govt is all about revenue raising and supporting big pharma. Basically they have said smokers need to rely on pharmaceutical company quit aids, some of those have proven more harmful than cigarettes! For example, the dugs the government recommend to block the receptors from cravings have resulted in suicides (there are figures on this somewhere, I’m too lazy to find them but google it). I tried those drugs myself and suffered the worst depression I’d ever experienced within 24 hours of treatment. Scary bloody stuff! My pharmacist told me not to use the gum, lozenges or inhalers as there has apparently been a spike in oral cancer linked to their use, infact he told me the most successful and safest quit aid is vaping! So from what I can see, this decision by the govt has nothing to do with health and everything to do with lining someone’s pockets.

katrina oates

I am a vaper, a former smoker , I am so pissed off right now all the government wants is to make their money. Off smokers this makes me sick ,money before lives , when I run out of my vape nicotine I will have no choice to go back to smoking , I don’t want to die of cancer from these dirty stinking things something needs to be done NOW, we have our freedom taken away from us ,the government need to wake up they are taking our freedom of choice away from us we are only a camodity


Every body stock up i bought 3 years worth of nicotine hopefully by then ill stop.

Michael Marks

Another absolute fail by the pathetic Aus government. This is for nothing more then the loss of tax. Why is Australia so God damn backwoods


This is going to kill me, I fear. Honestly. It took 30 years to find an effective tobacco reduction method. The anxiety I've experienced since hearing this news has been severe enough to be concerned about my own well-being.


Me too buddy 🙁 I only just found out

Hazel Francis

I think its extremely unfair that the government is doing this. I've been a non-smoker for 5 1/2 years thanks to vaping. I don't cough, have a lot more energy, and truly feel like a non-smoker. They have no proof that vaping is bad for you, its all assumption. I don't know what I'll do if I can't have my nicotine fix. Its not the nicotine that causes the problem at all. If you read up on nicotine it states that nicotine alone is not cancer-causing or excessively harmful on its own. So I truly don't understand what you're trying to achieve by this


With everyone one here and equally disgusted….. I guess the $4.2Billion annual Tobacco Tax revenue must have started to get a serous hit due to vaping. Why else would Stupid Hunt…. (Could replace that first letter to a "C") would do this and potentially force tens of thousands of vaper's to go back to smoking…". Totally annoyed.. I have a vape pen and the only pods available for it are with Nicotine and from NZ.. Guess I will have to throw it away and make my own using a MOD.

Subhi Madi

How can we get this overturned? I was a pack a day smoker for 15 years. Vaping has changed my life and the thought of smoking cigarettes again frightens the living daylights out of me. Another big win for the Tobacco lobby:/

david edwards

Any citizen of australia can challenge a law in the high court which is what im going to do. Ive emailed my local member and if I dont get a reply im going down to his office with picket signs on my day off from uni.

If all the people that vape got behind a real push to have that law changed it can be done. 100,000 signatures on a petition !!!!!!


Hey mate,
Happy to help any way I can. Was just thinking about a legal challenge if senators and MPs don't get any results.


DAVID – do it! Get it started 💪


provide us a link i will come with you this is against our rights , just because you can't regulate and prevent any fatalities and achieve 0 deaths you gonna ban it and be responsible for million deaths? wtf? what is happening to this country


OH Forgot to mention.. go here and lodge your protest..

Vaper's forever…


I also successfully quit a 25 year smoking habit through vaping. It took me about 12 months to fully transition and I have been cigarette free for over two years. I am extremely concerned about the new laws.

Anthony Karisson

Obviously the Government want people to go back to cigarette smoking due to the taxes they are getting from the sale of cigarettes it is all about money not health scum Government


Vaping has saved me from smoking when nothing else did. I am devastated at this moronic decision. Ive just tried to purchase nicotine from NZ and they are all sold out. I dont want to go back to smoking! This is the worst news ive received in years


What a joke. I’ve recently quit ciggeretes through vaping and it’s the first time I feel confident that I won’t touch a ciggerete again. I already feel healthier. How can they do this? This is a terrible decision. How can ciggeretes, alcohol, junk food, be allowed, but a device to help smokers quit be banned? IDIOTS


Please organise a pertition against this stupidity


is this real ? how else government thinking to keep fkng us? wtf? we are not slaves , wtf is this a joke? i quit smoking with these vapes and they saved my life i have emphysema and i quit for the last 12 months didnt have any smokes and have never felt better in my life than i am now.. but government will end this?maybe we should find another government..

Lorna Smith

How hypocritical – I can continue to purchase nicotine containing products such as Nicorette patches, gums, mists etc at any supermarket, but I can't legally purchase e liquids containing nicotine anywhere in Australia. I gave up using cigarettes several years ago and I now enjoy vaping. I am so much healthier than when I was a smoker (I am 73 and was a smoker for 55 years). I am a pensioner so the cost of reverting to smoking cigarettes in response to this repressive legislation will mean that I will have no holidays, bills will have to be prioritised, no treats or outings, I will have to sell my car. Summers will be hot and winters cold Australia is the only country in the world that demands that smokers pay for their future health care in advance through taxes and duty on cigarettes. What about hugely increasing the taxes on sugar or sweets (obesity and diabetes), how about charging a lack of exercise tax, or a lousy diet tax. Make all those unhealthy people pay in advance. Big tobacco companies, and sellers and manufacturers of fast food should be paying these taxes, not us.

Rose May

Counter productive! This clearly looks like the govt simply wants to keep collecting nicotine taxes from ciagrettes. Disingenous and insincere concern for people's health.


Id like to know when this legislation was tabled and approved.
I have heard absolutely nothing in the press about it.
I propose that smokers and vapers alike establish a class action against the Govt for profiting from an addictive substance and establishing unfair and punitive tax on tobacco products which harms the marginalised and poor.


Making highly taxed cigarettes the only viable option as the country goes into a recession. Personally, I think this is one of the few situations to feel justified in hoping that the people behind this all develop cancer.

Simon floody

I bet the tobacco lobby offered the government a lot of money to pass this law.


Can we launch a civil class action?
Wonder if we can get 100,000 people to try and put a stop to this madness!

Mehmood Bhamjee

If Australia in not the world's official nanny state, I'll be damned ! This is utterly ridiculous. Then why not ban cigarette smoking altogether ? Because the want you to smoke so they can get the tax.


Quite depressed about this really.

Shows that generating revenue is more important than our health. I mean $220,000. They clearly would rather we are addicted to Cigarettes, so they can tax us on that, and claim it's in our interest.

I feel this clearly shows they don't want people quitting, or using a product they cannot control or tax. The government, worse than Tobacco Companies, profiteering from peoples cigarette smoking addiction.

The revenue from tobacco tax, feeling the pinch from, Smokers successfully quitting? Let's now target the Vapers!

Joe Kmetyk

They must be desperate to make up for all the lost taxes from those of us no longer helping to fill up their coffers.


So the Liberal government can at the flip of a finger (yes at you) with no warning, no consultation, – bang out a new law to suit their agenda (it’s called revenue collecting)
You see it’s really quite simple.
Cigarettes & tobacco bring in huge amounts of tax revenue.
Lung cancer is highly correlated with smoking.
Lung cancer is deadly (in fact mostly) incurable – therefore cheap to treat.
Lung cancer attributed to vaping is projected as low as 5%
You do the maths.

This isn’t democracy – it is CONTROL.
Australia isn’t A country – it is YOUR country.
The collective strength is in YOUR hands.


Thanks Colin for a useful article, and I have to say I am devastated! I like many here quit smoking 2+ years ago after nearly 30 years of smoking. Until vaping I had all but given up hope of ever being able to quit, but vaping was a miracle for me! I tried everything to quit (ok, almost everything.. I didn't try walking on hot coals) and nothing else worked. Vaping has been the only thing that got me off cigarettes, and I am so glad to be free.. but now our government is going to make things hard for us again.

I hope you have success Colin in getting this crazy new law stopped or changed somehow. In the meantime I have a plan of action for myself. It isn't what I wanted to do, but now I am forced into it I guess. That plan is to buy some 0mg e-liquid and start to "water down" the nic liquid I have left, and hopefully in the next 6 months or so, be off the nicotine altogether. Not what I wanted to do, as nicotine seems to help me function better, but unfortunately I have no choice.

Steve don

Fascist auzzie govt.glad i dont live there !
Nz prob b same also.
Seems world is full of ppl who think they know what best for others…. bored ppl who have non essential jobs who sit on there arse wondering what to do


You guys need to hit the media: you need to tweet, FB, call, txt the media and make this an issue which cuts through the endless CV-19 and US Trump deluge of daily news…


Had to happen sooner or later. Luckily for those vape addicts, you can still buy cigarettes with nicotine in them!


What a wank. After 30+ years of cigarettes and trying all methods to quit, even the nasty champix, it took 4 weeks to quit after getting my first vape. Need to hear from major political parties on their stance to this illogical ban on nicotine so we can vote accordingly. Totally disgusted with this nanny state, dictatorship shit.


This is absolutely ridiculous. I have been the nicotine vape for six years. I had the worst smokers cough ever and enphosima. I now blow and they don’t believe I have it and my smokers cough was gone within two weeks of using it.

Kevin Beinke

The chief medical officer of the British medical association said on 60 minutes he had never had a patient present to him with respiratory illnesses from vaping. He went on to say his patients who had gone from smoking tobacco to vaping there has been a vast improvement in their respiratory health.
I have a brother who has smoked all of his life and took up vaping and said he has never felt so good.
The dangers are from flavoured juice and also those who have vaped illicit drugs.
We have methadone for herion addicts – intravenous drug users get free needles – because harm minimisation is seen as better.
This decision has to be based on ideology and not science and our elected officials need to stop the ideological nonsense and demonstrate intelligent leadership on this matter. They could save $millions in health costs by allowing imprtation, even manufacturing of liquid nicotine.

Annette symes

Ii gave up cigarettes one year ago because i was told i had start of emphasmia so i turned to nicotine liquidwhich i have to buy from newzealand. My health is so much better not smoking but the nicotine liquid i am a lot healthier dont cough and enjoy food tastes so much better. So why do this to us in Australia and not ever mych notice i think this is so unfair to all vapirs in Australia.

Chris Kirkpatrick

Well…im not gonna smoke again , and there'll be a blackmarket. The government can go "do things to itself". Well done Australia. Well done indeed…20 years and vaping got me off the cigs in a week or two. Been 2 years. MAN I AM SO PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW! My mother was just coming around too. She's been smoking for 40 years I want her to get on to vaping. Now this. Starting to hate this country, and freedoms we used to have.

The boss

Rot in hell greg hunt and all the other hitler devil cawkheads for destroying my life and my freinds life farqing everyones life up ….think first of how many lifes you farqtards reforms kill and destroy peoples lifes and moneys are waisted my freind died because of your stupid policy making nocare attitudes goverment you fruitloopyness thoughts you didnt bother to house my freind when sick when there was many vacant houses at the time my blood boils when i hear of news the housing commission houses gets rented out to people whom dont otherwise would not qualify for them but do get them houses ….my freind was on newstart for years on end from a medical condition on newstart waiting for a pension. She worked many years in the medical feild her own kind treated my freind like shat a long time awaitng a dissability application assessment knocked backed 3 times before my freind died this is how intelect derrolict compassionate all these minnisters of reforms are …. my freind didnt die smoking because she never had a smoke in her mouth before dying and 95% of smokers never die from smoking thats a fact which youd call smoking vaping to i supported my freind on my pension because because greg hunt the funny old funt didnt either bother to help or care this allso makes my blood boil and he and the rest makes abig deal of helping medical and mental sufferers now when people whom crying for help way back get treated like shit because people are put last like they do ….i still going through a dark patch me vaping and smoking got me through it i out of pocket for my own treatment as nothing has bn affective i not over it the passing of my freind i am a dual smoker and vaper most of my life ,,,after my freind died smoking or vaping helpted someway my lifetime of smoking has supported sids foundation support group research in some way and all us smoking and vaping battlers get kicked in the guts and shafted or chased because we like what we like or nosay in matters trying in what helps vape or nic substituting were chased from doctors with there grumpyness for helping the world then we need help ourselfs when we cannot ask for help because shamed or put down ,,,i cant fathom that goverment relys on dissabled to pay for everything for the world that self admisister ecconomical goverment fliplop disasters from stupid overspending on dumb projects then most likely to be another tax on vape supplys soon if not totally outlawed alltogether which i reading it maybe banned now and fair suck of the sav if it is ….i allways paying for something when this country allways demands money .like blood from a stone .my cigs taxes were taxed less than what there taxed now but its allways been more than enough like double dipping taxes again if vaping i am allways challenged in away financially paying off things like a $4200 medical bill thats a lite expense for some but the dentist bill compared to others is alot more of $ for me but others can pay twice as much on medical cost more because we cant wait on the free public waiting list a year but my loan i needed to pay because prolonged pain and mannagement was discracefull before and after i was in pain had to put up with the stupid opiate reforms at the time its bullshit by the way i rarely take opiate for pain ifu ask for it anyway you the worst person in the world for smartys that do nothing …my dead freind be alive now now with out reforms mentally i hate vaping reforms to these health ministers they dont gettit or dont see the dammage there doing with reforms ..they never work it sends hatred that vapers or smokers are thought of burdens creates stigma but reforns alow drinkers to smash there cars in to victoms whom otherwise wouldnt take up beds the carcrash victoms in hospitals and perpertrators get off scott free ,,,the opiates or vape or smoke reforms do so much damage when people cant acess medical treatment for a life long dependance mannagnent of a injury whom need it quik detox can kead to death theres no obligation for the minnister to help and force people to quit anything i never asked for hunts help or reform its my life in how i live my life how i choose i be not farqing treated like a child whats so ever in how i farqing hell like live with dumb reforms i expect the winging nanny staters people who dont like the vaping lot that follows health ministers like a flock of sheep peferably off the breakwater …. most smokers or vapers dont need there vices or medicines revoked we have choices whom we buy from i wouldnt trust few pharmacy for nicotine such as the vaping ban its so nafarious machavellian draconian that rule and how people lie with rigged fake data to media and what with evali had happen it was not from vape normal ejuice that caused evali ..i dont give a brass monkeys doorbell greg hunt can sook all he likes if i get smoking related illnes or vaping illness and i rather noone rubbing it in if u doctors cant put up with smoking rekated sickness find another occupation as a wood chopper because u not with people its simple as pie that and stop fake fasle vaping info about it ,,,, all these ministers on tv and. BAns lately and stuff its all about a ego trip having a tantys for them because they like powertrips it farqing discusting not quite right shocking behavior goverment ranting on bans and vaping ban atleast if write a reform be coherant in what peoples laws are and what you can or cant import ,,,i cant beleive this shat is happening in 2020 in covid times however when theres no other help and people in times need a propper cug that dont taste shit made or a vape this country faught with tobacco and show no respect for it like theres a need nicotine or nicvape thats is cheap and freely available shame on you morrison goverment and labour goverment shame shame shame and karma on you as it does comeback karma ….as far as i concerned i not voting for any mungrel can play on highway for all i care australia is the shittest country on earth for laws if i could move i start my own collony and farq off if i could there wouldnt be any bullshit in my camp thats for sure…..btw i gratefull for what i have and get but dont need tossers in my life lifes hard and short and unfair but should be simple but no simpletons please


I’m not surprised as they don’t want you to give up smoking as it provides a massive tax grab for the gov. I haven’t smoked for 2 1/2 years and vaping have me that ability with the ability to get nicotine juices, they have now put that in jeopardy thank you govt. I have never felt better since vaping and my family are also happy. So where is the equity, a smoker can buy smokes with nicotine and thousands of chemicals that kill but a person that vapes with nicotine can’t continue, money money money, that’s all it comes down to as if it was to do with health they would ban smokes as well. Let’s see them try to do that. Yes I’m pretty pissed.


To the Australian Government, you are total bastards. I have started to hate the country I once loved. How can you take everything away from your people??? Every other country has access to so much more than Australians. I hope that whoever made the decision to ban Nicotine suffers for it through karma from thousands of people cursing your name.


All because they aren’t receiving tax revenue I assume?
I still have a cig but 3-4 a day (depending on what’s happening in my life) & vape inbetween. Couldn’t they just impose a ‘small’ tax on the eliquid! I’d be happy to do that, if for red. I purchase mine ready made from overseas. I don’t want to be fiddling about with buying nicotine and mixing. 🤦‍♀️

I ordered 3 bottles from the NZ company I use on the weekend. I hope it gets through in time, I don’t have a spare $220k lying around.

This is so bloody frustrating, we try and do the healthier option (yes still our bodies to do what we want) and now this. They certainly gave everyone enough time to buy in what they needed…not. I’m beyond angry.

Elaine Gates

What will pharmacies charge for e cigarettes if they are permitted to dispense e cigarettes.? You can bet thee price will rise exorbitantly.forcing smokers back to smoking cigarettes.


At present, pharmacists are not allowed to access nicotine liquid without approval from the State Health Departments. However, all state health departments refuse to give permission. That option is closed.

James P

The question is, what can we do about it? There's been no public discussion. Let's not say "call up Hunt's office", because we all know he's has been out to get vapers from day one. We need to go over and around.
I really think the media should be informed and should be running articles. A $222K fine for vapers is newsworthy.


How do we protest this?! Honestly just got into nicotine vaping and have seen many health and financial improvements since I've started. Is there any way to stop this from passing? It's unfair if we can do something about it when it's obviously about receiving more tax from cigarettes.


ATHRA, Legalise Vaping and ARVIA are working on legal and political solutions. Here are some things you can do
Please also sign up as a supporter on the ATHRA website so we can keep you informed

Follow us on

It is also important to ring and write to your local MP with a brief summary of your story and how vaping has helped. Contact details are available here

A short letter to the editor of your local newspaper is also beneficial.

Please sign the Legalise Vaping petition here


Yet again the government is taking our own personal choices away.
Makes me wonder why they dont ban cigarettes. Oh sorry I think I do know why…… because they make millions of dollars out of the tax on cigarettes and little tax money on vaping liquids so they ban them and pretend they are concerned for our health!
What a load of crap! Once again its all about the almighty dollar!

Jennifer Everard

I have tried and tried to give up cigs and the only way I did it was with an Ecig.
I am now healthy and feeling better for doing it and have many friends that have done the same thing. This is a tuff time at the moment for everyone please do not make it worse.J


This is what the ban will achieve.
Kids will now start taking up smoking instead of much safer vaping because kids will always experiment.
Vapers, even veterans will go back to smoking, causing many unnecessary deaths.
Anti-vaping orgs will have only achieved that now there will be a lot more smokers. What an achievement!
Many smokers will not be able to afford $40 a packet so they will look for black market and in turn will smoke very low quality dangerous Tobacco.
Secondhand vapor paranoid advocates will now get a dose of secondhand smoke from burning cigarette with thousands of chemicals in it.
At the end there is no benefit to anyone by the ban, only the ones that sell Tobacco.


30 years smoker, now 10 years vaper. E-cig was the ONLY thing that got me of smoking. I am 59, I run every day, never been healthier in my life. I'm not addicted to the Nicotine, if I don't vape whole day I don't care, no withdrawals what so ever. Even if I was, what's the problem. I get buzz from Coffee not from Nicotine. I enjoy vaping just as a man used to enjoy his pipe, I vape because I want to not because I have to. And now they want to take it away from me. How would population feel about Caffeine or a phone ban. I guess there's no money in banning those. The whole ban situation is ridiculous and dangerous for those who want to stop smoking.

Brogan, D

I cannot understand or countenance this wanton disregard for the health and rights of people who are seeking to replace tobacco smoking with vaping. As your article says, tobacco will continue to be sold legally while vape supplies will not. I have not heard of any supply chain for prescribed nicotine in vapable form, not of any GPs, specialists of pharmacies that supply it. I had my last but one cigarette on Christmas day 2018 and have successfully replaced cigarettes with vaping after 44 years of smoking and umteen attempts to quit via other means. Shocked and dismayed!


Absolute disgrace. Pushed through with NO warning.
This community needs to unite to reverse the decision.
PLEASE someone, help!!!


I would be willing to go on a peaceful march, about this. At least when I was able to buy nicotine legally, I knew it was safe. They are forcing us to become criminals. I'd like to see the fine stand up in court when people just get a slap on the wrist for marijuana.

Jerry De Zylva

Hi my name is Jerryl and I have given up smoking since my son was born a year and half ago and I have not looked back since thanks to being able to vape, vaping is the only thing that has kept me from having a smoke… I have tried all the aids that the government provide and none of them worked on a long term scale my son is now 1 and half and this is the longest I have gone with out wanting and feeling like having a cigarette…I am appalled at the government,i really am, I have never felt better after going to vaping…I Am an asthmatic and I have no shortness of breath anymore I don't rely on my preventer as much I can do more activities with my wife and son without feeling puffed out…this is such a crime to do this to us…


Absolutely disgraceful!! How typical. They happily let you smoke,which is a lot more dangerous and coincendently brings in a windfall of money in taxes. Disgusting!


You mention taxes (billions of annual dollars) I'll mention healthcare Not only the obvious implication of putting more strain on the healthcare system as a result of people going back to the filthy cigarette but what I do over and over again in my job in healthcare I've sat with sobbing families after telling them that is isn't anything more we can do for their family member I've sat by the bedside and held the hand of patients taking their final breath due to lung cancer Maybe these "crazy" polly's need to walk a day in the shoes of people like me By the way I wonder how many of them are either closet vapors or at least agree with us but are too scared to speak out

Anita Bayliss

The Health Department are clearly not informed or alternatively have an alternative agenda for the baseless prohibition of individuals importing their own nicotine for alternatives to smoking tobacco which clearly and scientifically proven to be a FAR FAR safer option for smoking/vaping.
This is the kind of thing that happens in communist countries wherein their people are not permitted to make their own decisions.
Australia is a democracy and government need to allow their citizens to make their own choices (and far safer a choice vaping than smoking). but here's the bottom line – political greed. You should all know how much money the government makes on a packet of cigarettes – astounding so
get off your high horse and take the safer 2 steps forward rather than 4 steps backwards

Werner Bauer

why are our politicians the dumbest in the world?……anything the government touches they fcuk it up!

Anyone organise a demonstration?…I'll be there!



After nearly 50 years of smoking I took up the vape two years ago and had two smokes since that I hated

FN nazis are running the country and of course nobody has nico left in stock, guess I’ll be going back to coughing my lungs out

glenda blair

I recieved this reply from senator Eric Abetz He stated he he is concerned that Greg Hunt issued an affective ban on nicotine for vaping in Australia. He believes it runs contrary not only to scientific evidence but also to the views of the majority of the elected representatives in the parliament. He has today made representations to minister for health Greg Hunt on this matter today in the hope of seeing this decision overturned. We all need to contact our politicians in our states as they do not seem to have the same attitude as Greg Hunt. Get all your friends and family to sign the petition it will all help.


Another thing taken from us when will it end vote this government out ,lucky country my arse too many rules !


Good one u idiots! Now thousand of users will go back to smoking cigarettes and you will get your tax, well done…

Monica Dillon

I can't believe this. My partner vapes which assisted in him giving up a pack a day smoking habit. It scares me that if he can't purchase nicotine, he will start smoking again, ruining his health and possibly mine.. This is the government making money from taxes on smokes and not about the welfare of vapers/smokers. This is disgusting!


I emailed the Governor-General. like it was suggested in other comments and pointed out the lack of notice with a system that is already strained (customs and australia post)because of the virus .
I will never vote for anyone in that dirty underhand sneaky party ever again


To the Government of Australia F&$K YOU, The action of banning vaping products is nothing but a blatant communistic act. You are taking away FREEDOM OF CHOICE. One again F&$K You. Nothing but self righteous a%$eholes.


No evidence, no overseas data, just an appalling blatant cash grab at the expense of Australian lives. Is it also suspicious that this regulation goes in at a time when the public is covid restricted to gather and protest?

West aussie

I had quit smoking a year ago, although i did cold turkey having ability to vape helped me from going back to smoking cigarettes, i also have many friends who used vaping to kick their habbit… its outragous that the government continues to fail its people by looking at how to line their back pocket rather than look after its people.. this is disgusting. I donot vape now but am angered by the fact they want to do this. Nicotine isnt even dangerouse when used responsibily, potentially is actualy even good for you (unless one overdoses.. which can happen with any product if taken too much).. making more things illegal is not the answer its education.. they are proping up the cigarett companys and it is really disgusting… the government legit profits from cigarettes being sold and that appears to be their main concern. . I 100% dont agree with cigaretts but even them i dont think should be made illegal.. we should be able to do what we want in life if it doesnt harm another.. but once again education is the key.. i dont leave comments like this often but i know we all need to stand together for this because this is wrong on so many levels.


People, there is a petition that can be accessed here.
Your welcome.


This is just another incompetent, small minded, unjustified, ill thought way to find money through taxes and fines.
This government needs to look at what is good for people’s health as well as finance.
Nicotine is an addiction not a choice and people need to be given an option to slowly ween themselves off this addiction NOT just unjustly force the electorate to go cold turkey or take up cigarettes again to get substantial tax.


ENOUGH of taking our freedom away!!!
Put an age limit if you need to but nothing can justify banning a product that has saved many lives including mine!!! I WOULD NOT BE HERE TODAY, had I not been introduced to vaping! Keep the cigarettes but ban a healthier option???
I tried EVERYTHING to quit. I could actually feel cigarettes killing me but just couldn’t quit. Gums, lollies, sprays, patches, hypnotism, champix. More I tried to give up, the more I lit one up. I took a trip overseas in 2013, 2 months of gasping for my next breath & thought I wouldn’t make it back alive. Came back to been told I have emphysema.
Vaping helped me give up my 35 year, 60 cigarette a day habit. I have not lit up a cigarette since 13/10/2013! It saved my life because emphysema is no longer visible on my Xrays, I still am a little short of breath at times but the hoarseness, wheezing, coughing, the 4 bronchitis I suffered a year have all disappeared.
I AM SOOOOO ANGRY! I AM 53 YEARS OLD, IF I CHOOSE TO TAKE A PATH THAT MAYBE HARMING ME, THAT IS NONE OF ANYONES BUSINESS!!! I’m sick of this sudden controlling Of people, treating everyone like little kids, telling them how to live, why? Because they care about our health! BFS!!!! Soon we’ll get fined for speaking out minds as well.

Robert Bell

Im so worried now i will go back to smoking cigarettes i tried everyrhing over 35years to stop i havent had a cigatette in 4 years now they want me and the wife to not only go back to smoking but be financially crippled as well.
This is huge i wont forget election day so many vape we must make a block vote .


Vaping knocked my 30 year smoking habit on the head in just one day As far as tobacco products go, in my medical career I can't say how many families of patients I've had to tell "Sorry, there's just nothing more we can do" or simply hold a patients hand as they passed from diseases such as lung cancer
Why then can I go the shop and buy a packet of cigarettes (for some reason still perfectly legal) but not nicotine vape products? I have to wonder if it's the billions of dollars of annual tax raked in by the government COMMONSENSE MUST PREVAIL
Show me a scientific study that proves tobacco products are healthier than vaping e-liquid with nicotine and I will offer my sincere apologies and admit I am wrong In over ten years since I began using vape products however I am yet to find one from anywhere in the world
As far as the recent deaths from vaping in the USA goes, it was revealed that nicotine e-liquid was not what these people were vaping It was hemp oil As such they were essentially vaping "a joint" and so overdosed on hemp and sadly passed away


Sorry Jenny, it wasn't the marijuana that caused the deaths it was the acetates they were using to extract the THC & CBD's quickly for their e-liquids.

Justin O'Connor

Absolutely bollocks. Been using nic salts and ejuice my health is better. It's crazy the govt is a joke. Ban ciggarette before you ban vaping. Been smoking 30yrs cigarettes. Crazy


Just when I thought nothing could surprise me bang ! I get hit with this bs ! if vaping and cigarettes were in a 100 meter race and the finish line was death if Vape wins I’ll swing on a tree by my testicles while singing the hillls are alive with the sound of music ! This is wrong this smells like tobacco company payments ! So fk angry



I’m 65 and smoked for 46 years tried giving up 1/2 dozen times. Tried patches gum( totally useless) also tried cutting back and cold turkey but all failed until I tried vaping. As soon as I had my first vape with nicotine I knew I would never smoke again . ie until now. I’ll have to go back to smoking again. I have no choice, Unfortunately I must have nicotine. This decision is an out and out joke. They ban vaping coz they don’t know long term health effects but they do know long term health effects of smoking, that’s right smoking kills but they don’t ban smoking. Doesn’t make sense. Yes it does, they don’t give a stuff how many Australians die as long as they keep raking in the revenue. When one smoker dies another takes up smoking and their revenue goes on forever.If they were truely worried about Australians health they would ban tobacco. Not vaping. I’m pissed off big time.Totally frustrated with the morons running our country. I wish I could do to them what they have done to thousands like me. ie sentence them to death.

Elizabeth Duggan

Such a harmful decision with no lead in time. I suffer mental illness and vaping nicotine is the only way I've been able to quit, particularly with a partner who still smokes cigarettes. I read this decision yesterday and the shock and stress it's given me will lead me to an episode or self harm in the short term with going back to smoking cigarettes in the long term. Vaping nicotine is bad for our health is it? Well why don't we ban cigarettes as well, because we actually have proof of that. We'll save the health system from having to deal with it? No – you'll have more, because you'll have people like me in the short term having a breakdown or self harming to deal with plus the long term effect of cigarette smoking. We must demand whoever is supporting this decision in parliament hand over their investment portfolio's because it's obviously a decision based on monetary gain & not fact nor logic nor public pressure nor compassion!

Alan Smith

We are currently living under a draconian government, it does nothing that is useful for the man in the street but supports the wealthy with so many perks and packages to just increase their wealth, now we are told we cannot usenicotine in our Eliquid. Many will suffer hardship due to the withdrawal symptoms and probably go back to cigarettes, they will do what they have to to get the nicotine they need, I am disgusted with the attitude of this minister Greg Hunt and his zealous push for control of Vaping, he is even going behind parliament and straight to the Governor General to hatch his devious plan, he is quoted saying" he will never make it legal regardless of the outcome of current investigation into vaping" .I ask how can we deal with a man like that?

Charles Yates

Whilst there appears to be some ambiguity over these new regulations-laws, the permanent ink is on the wall. Government, moreover our health minister Mr Greg Hunt, has no intention of ever allowing proven harm reduction methods such as vaping, to become a common alternative.

As an advocate for THR-Tobacco Harm reduction, and as a consumer of liquid nicotine, I find these proposals to be inhumane.

Phil Wallis

My hands are shaking as I write this. My anxiety levels are through the roof. I cannot go back to cigarettes. The deaths of thousands are on your hand Morrison and Hunt. Congratulations you fucking pigs


This is insanity. I tried everything many times over 40 years to give up smoking and vaping is the only thing that has worked. The horrible smokers cough is gone and I feel so much better . To ban so many people from the one thing that works knowing that many of them will go back to cigarettes proves that it's all about losing tax dollars and has nothing to do with health


I wish articles like this would finish up with some like…. 'What can you do?' list


Hi Eric, There is a long list of what you can do here


Good work guys 😒. Another great move by our government 🤦🏼‍♂️ Great figure on the fine too where did you pull that one from? I guess you need to put money back into the economy somehow right? Totally off the subject I’m sure fining all those people for taking our THIER OWN SUPER will have a $500,000 fine? Love this government keep leading us guys your are doing an excellent job 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. You’ll be definitely getting my vote in the next election 😤

Matthew neave

Vaping has changed my life since I started it 2 years ago after being a regular smoker of ciggeretes for 15 years beforehand and to know that it's now going to be harder to obtain my nicotine oil is ridiculous he government doesn't want us vaping cause they can't tax vape products the way they do tobacco change the laws and tax cape product's I for 1 will happily pay a bit more if that's what is required for healthier option to cigarettes




We should protest this! Something has to be done! I am MAD.

Stewart Edwards

What a ridiculous decision. I’ll lay London to a brick that the tobacco companies have put pressure on the Government as it derives so much in taxes from the sale of tobacco products and has total disregard for the known health risks from smoking.

Dale Honey

The government has realised it has dwindling income source from tobacco as more people make the switch to Vaping products. Any government minister wish to dispute this please come forward. If they were worried about health effects they would also ban tobacco sales in Australia. This decision makes no sense on health concerns.


Guys, Please sign the petition:


Well this it it guys. After all the years of lies that Big tobacco controls vaping the Australian government will make it so courtesy of the TPG. Watch what happens over the next year. It will become regulated, which is a good thing, just not how they will do it. Big tobacco companies will have the money and power to persuade the way it will go. Get ready for our version of the European TPD with an added boost of steroids. You will be paying $20+ for 10mls of only certain flavours controlled by big tobacco and the government getting their kick back. Its all about money. Why would they have you being able to buy a 60ml bottle for $25.00 when they can make it legal but you can only buy 10ml for the same price.

Michael Bourke

This is really just a Cash-Grab! Or a combination of Cash-Grab and pure stupidity! If the government were really that concerned about the health of Australia, why are there no further bans on big tobacco? The government got wise and with the support of big tobacco, recognised that us as vapers were indulging in a scientifically proven healthier alternative to the dirty cigarettes – sans the tax on our e-juice. Is Big Tobacco bitter? Is it a coincidence that this ban has been announced just a week after Philip Morris had their IQOS product rejected by the TGA? I speak from 12 years vaping experience and can tell you from early on-set emphysema 12 years ago, to 100% lung capacity within a year of ditching the cigarette in favor of vaping, I am proof that long term detrimental effects are non-existent (in my case) With close to a reported 300,000 vapers in Australia, we need to stand up and challenge this, somehow. Please email the Governor General Be mindful that most NZ stockists are "Sold-Out" of Nicotine, there are a few that still have stock, be considerate and only buy what you need for 12 months. Unlike toilet paper the unavailability of Nicotine for those who need it, is a potential death sentence (if they revert back to cigarettes) From my basic math, if 300,000 Vapers returned to smoking cigarettes, average 3 packs a week @ 40.00a pack, that is worth $36,000,000 you can now understand why both big tobacco and the government want Vapers to return to the "Smoking" fold!

Michael Bourke

Of the 300,000 estimated vapers in this country, there are less than 20,000 signatures, I have posted a link to the petition on international sites to gain some traction. The problem is, despite ATHRA's great intentions, our collective voices are not loud enough. As a 13 year vaper, I have watched the industry grow from its infancy to today!

As what we indulge in does not attract the taxes that governments like so much, we don't have the same power as big tobacco (it irritates me that I live opposite British American Tobacco btw)So somehow, we need to be heard and decide on a rational educated collective response.

I personally have ordered a 12 months supply of Nicotine (I mix my own e-juice), so I am ok, but in this instance it is not about just me. Years ago, I wanted to stage a rally in Martin Place (Sydney) Called Vape the Place, to give the community a presence and force the government and the AMA to the table, maybe now is the time. Visibility is more than the annoying cloud chaser on a street corner.

Michael Bourke

Is Greg Hunt rhyming slang for what he is?

Trent Holland

I just received my 30ml bottle of 25mg strawberry yesterday, I guess I am lucky to at least have something to go off of but for how long? I don't want to go back to smoking.


What a scam. The government don't get the tax from smoking. Simple


Wow! I decided to move back to Australia just before the pandemic hit from riding the boom out in Canada for 16 years, what a mistake!

I am in the process of titrating of juul and was using mail order. I did this for health reasons as I was a heavy smoker and overweight. I worked with a paleo diet, exercise, and quitting. Not sure what to say but I thought Australia was progressive, now am thinking of moving back as I don't want to hate this place so much.

Why don't they legalize weed? That should get tax dollars. Anyway I cured my anxiety with CBD oil except here the process to get it is $$$.

This ban makes me angry and I feel a human rights issue

Edin Zivalj

I use to smoke 35+ cigarettes a day, for about 20 years. I then switched to vaping in 2012, and immediately felt better. In 2019, I stopped vaping.
Vaping made it easier to quit nicotine all together. If I had never vaped, I would have been a lot poorer and unhealthier.

As others have stated, this decision is about cigarette tax revenue (about 8 billion a year). I can not believe they are allowed to do this!

Daniel Roy Ruckman

Stupid Greg Cunt. If people have 200 extra dollars a week it goes back into the economy and they'll live longer to pay more tax

Fay Hogan

Interesting that you dont need a script for patches, gum, sprays or cigarettes for that matter. Would like to hear the governments argument on that one!!


That’s a really good point I never thought of, thank you


I can’t take the gov. decision on this seriously as long as they are happy to sell and profit off cigs.
They need to allow cig sellers to sell eliquid with nicotine… they did themselves out of GST by forcing our money abroad by having to import nicotine.
I would not have resorted to having to buy liquid from a dodgy Chinese supplier if I could have shopped local.
Clearly the gov only cares for making some $ by pushing the vape people back to cigs.


Please sign the petition


The government has done this because they need the money (tax).
What I don’t get is the government wants us to quit smoking by push up the tax but during the pandemic tobacconist are classed as essential. Don’t get it??

Justin Jay

Any chance of putting a pitition together or a rally, ie a protest together?
They way this was done was as I see just one mp and one man should not be able to do this without it going through due process in parliament.
Kind regards
A smoker since 13. I am now 46.
I have tried to quit too many times to count.

Ex-LNP Voter

What an absolute crime against freedom and humanity, Never voting for a major party again! With the borders closed they have us trapped so we can't even flee overseas. So bloody angry, time to take this to the streets and PROTEST!!!!

Lorraine Eckhardt

All I can say is that vaping has been the only thing that has helped me to quit smoking. If the government ban the import of nicotine based juices then they should pay for everyone's smokes, as it will be their fault we all start again. Bloody idiots.


This is absolute stupidity, a rubbish decision with no real thought. I have been vaping now for over 8 years after smoking for 20, at first getting my liquid from the US and more recently NZ. For the government to take away my right, to make a healthier choice than smoking cigarettes does make me mad, it does make me upset and most of all, it makes me really concerned about the possible path I may go down once my current e-liquid supply is exhausted. I can only hope that common sense prevails, and somehow this decision can be overturned.

Gillian Deakin

Hello Colin,
As a nicotine liquid prescriber, what is the tga site that I must apply to?


Hi Gillian, This will apply from 1 July. Applications need to be through the SAS B scheme.

The steps for doctors to prescribe nicotine are

1. Online application to the TGA via SAS B
2. Once approved, write prescription and (probably) provide TGA letter of approval
3. Apply online to the Office of Drug Control for an import permit or alternately arrange for an importer to do this
4. Arrange importation
5. My understanding is that the doctor pays for the product and sells to the patient

Do you think any doctors will do this?


Can’t believe this we have been vaping for 4 or 5 years and never felt better, another way for the government to make people go back to buying cigarettes and they make money but that is ok , this needs to be boycotted


This banning is wrong for vaping because government not making enough taxes on it so it is wrong


Hey to all vapers this bullshit & we should all together & protest against this utter bullshit


This is going to turnaround the vaping industry in Australia.
As a vaper I am disgusted with the decision of banning nicotine actually I’m angry.
Does the government have enough land for the coffins for people that had to return to smoking cigarettes.
We need to protest and stand up for us vapers.


We need a whole new approach, for as long as I can remember smokers have been victimised and discriminated against by our Government. How about supporting our citizens and their choices? Really makes me wonder, a ban on nicotine import for the less harmful vaping also proven to help people quit but have not certainly not banned the sale of cigarettes, where’s the sense in that, loss of tax revenue maybe?

graydon creer

A smoker of thirty years. Fighting for ten to quit. Was around for government approved advertising as a teenager. Found vaping and have not smoked for a year. My lung improvement is more than obvious.and my government does this? Y does it want to kill me?


Such a ludicrous decision! Especially given all that everyone is going through at the moment with the whole COVID pandemic which in turn has seen an increase in people with anxiety / stress related illnesses….. taking away what may be their only release and further adding to stress / anxiety levels is just absurd! You get less of a fine for illegal drugs?!

Anthony Adams

How dare any government stop me from taking steps to improve my health.


If I order nicotine before July 1 but didn't get it until after the 1st of July, would it be delivered? Can they give me a fine for that even if the purchase was made before the 1st and it was delayed by the carrier?


I was a heavy smoker for 20 years and 2 years ago changed to vaping instead. Since then I've been able to regain much of my cardio vascular fitness I lacked while smoking cigarettes. Does the government realise that this change in legislation will be the catalyst for many people like myself to move back to smoking cigarettes? I have 4 children, smoking cigarettes stinks and as much as I try to prevent the passive smoking effects to impact the children, it's impossible, even smoking at the front of my house you can smell the smoke at the rear of my house. Cigarettes are also about 10 times more expensive than vaping, where am I going to find the extra money each week? As much as non smokers will say "just quit", it's not that easy, I tried many many times, I tried patches, gum, cold turkey, even hypnosis. Nothing worked. There is no logical reason for this change in legislation, none of our similar countries such as the UK, USA or NZ have such backwards stances on vaping. Is there something I'm missing? Is the lobby power of the tobacco companies that great here in Australia? Do our politicians have no backbone to stand up to those tobacco companies? What the government seems to forget is……."I'm a vaper, and I vote!"


Lol, I just spend most of the afternoon ringing around the GP's in my area. Not 1 of them was aware of any changes to legislation and none of them would be in a position to prescribe, most of them said they don't have the time to complete the paperwork the govt. is requiring them to complete. I also spoke to the pharmacies in my area also, same thing, they hadn't heard of the changes and wouldnt be interested in being the importer of nicotine fluid for me should I obtain the prescription. I'm pretty certain the govt. when enforcing these requirements knew how problematic the steps would be for vapers to complete. Next election whichever of ALP or LNP says they will reverse this decision has my vote.

Blake Lanham

I have been smoking since I was 14 and of three weeks ago I’ve stopped smoking and now I’ve been enjoying the Vaping products alongside purchasing their team and mixing my own strength to help me wean myself off smoking altogether this is an absolute out rage and very disgusting that Australian government has once again denied a workable Solution.

I feel my rights are being denied and now I have to go back to smoking cigarettes again which has a lot of health risks associated to it as my health has improved dramatically since switching over to vaping with nicotine.


I am at a loss.
This will lead to suffering, suicides, financial ruin and and misery.

Enough is enough Australia.

This decision will cause anarchy, crime and corruption.

We need someone to stand up.
Stand up now. This is wrong on a fundamental level.

My life will be ruined.
How many other Australians lives will be destroyed by this as well.

2020. The annus horibilus.

Meg Stokes

They're holding all vape liquid at DHL and other places to be delivered after 30 June, even though it's here in Australia. All orders are being placed in hold. This is criminal behaviour – these orders were placed and filled prior to the July 1st cutoff but aren't being allowed to be delivered.

Darren Mirfin

Another attack on my civil liberties..I am a recovering alcoholic, ex smoker..I have a heart condition. My cardiologist actually congratulated me on my decision to switch to vaping 2 years ago. Well, I guess I like many, will be creating a demand for a black market. This is insanity..


I vape and I vote !!!!


I agree with all comments below, but what are we going to do about it! We can't let them get away with this also, it is another attack on our rights
I've contacted my member of parliament and told her that she will never get another vote from me. Where is our protest!
Any suggestions?


HI Brenda, There is a list of things you can do here

Most important is to contact your local MP, donate to the fighting fund and sign the petitions.


This should not be about legalizing vaping. It should be about nicotine and who can have access to it. Once we lose that to the government when th ee GG decides to waive our right to it on July 1st we're done. The government will impose the hell out of it. It'll be as expensive as cigarettes. Like most things just follow the money. Legalize nicotine not vaping.

Brad Hendry

Vaping replaced 25 years of heavy smoking for myself and ive never felt better. Now I will be attempting to mix my own nicotine fluid instead of the professional vape shops in nz. I hope I get the mix right, an extra 5 or 10mg nicotine in fluid can be fatal. Thanks mark, you're the best. ..


I am truly devastated that our government can be so negligent by allowing the sale of what is clearly a carcinogenic product (that kills 21000 people a year) in stores in Australia yet deny us ex-smokers the right to vape which has been so much better for our health and well-being. I truly believe it's because the government is wanting that hike in tobacco tax that they inflict on current smokers that they're really missing and want us all to go back to smoking!
PLEASE look at the scientific proof, it doesn't lead to children smoking at all and having to get our nicotine oil from overseas is just ridiculous and now you've even stopped that! You're forcing me and thousands of other Australians to go back to smoking but that will be great for your government coffers, that RIDICULOUS tobacco tax that you keep raising every three months!
This is truly so unfair, I'm absolutely devastated as I was so proud of myself for finally being able to give up smoking as I tried everything and was able to give up mid pack from the first time I vaped and now you take it away from me!
I WILL purchase from Black market people because they will fill that gap when I've never broken the law in my whole 54 years but you're forcing me to!
I Will seek out what is healthier for me because I've never felt better since I took up vaping and gave up the cigarettes and I won't let you or any other person (especially a heartless politician) stand in the way of me finally having good health!
I have lost all faith in the Australian government and this minister who wields his power like a toddler with a Tonka truck.
He's doing so much harm and isn't even bothering to look at reputable countries like the UK and New Zealand that endorse nicotine vaping, what a fair dinkum ASS!
People we need to do SOMETHING and not just cop this on the chin. This is just fair dinkum not on!
Sorry if I don't make much sense I'm bawling reading all of the news that they really are banning the only thing that made me so proud of giving up the expensive, foul-smelling, stinking and expensive cigarettes!
I'm truly so stressed out!!


This is just outrageous. My wife has not smoked in 5 years after being introduced to vaping. Her doctor is very happy with the improvement to her lungs and breathing which in turn has a improved affect on heart function. A senior Australian medical officer on radio stated "Though he could not endorse Vaping as clinical trials have not been conducted interim reports strongly suggest Vaping is significantly less harmful than smoking".
This is about revenue. Vapers will have no option but to Smoke or go to the Black market.

Lyn Henry

Banning vaping is the most ridiculous thing I have heard of. I am 65 and took up vaping nearly 9 years ago. I was a heavy 50 a day smoker. Vaping is much better for my health and a lot easier on my wallet but the health issue is why I vaped. I had tried every thing I could to stop using other methods….quitline…patches..gum..inhaler all failed.Vaping is the only thing that worked. I am 64 years old have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and this news has put me onto instant meltdown. I have no idea how I will cope….don't think I will be able too.

Andy G

This is absolutely ridiculous decision by the Government. I used to smoke 50 cigarettes a day before switching to vaping.
This is all about money and the tobacco industry, as is the case in the US. The big tobacco companies are losing billions as people ditch the cancer sticks and switch to vaping.
Why not focus on alcohol related violence and deaths due to drink driving? Put the price of alcohol up to $50.00 per bottle, $25 for a can of beer if they are so concerned about peoples well being. I've never seen or heard of anyone being killed on the road as a result of smoking or vaping!?


Guys… get onto this and sign.. with these two MP's we have a great fighting chance to stop this. Get on it sign and get everyone else you know to sign it.. they need 2000 Signatures…
I have also written to Dave Sharma our local MP


Matthew Canavan and George Christensen expressed deep concern with the way the vaping ban has been attempted. After hearing from hundreds of Aussie vapers, they took action"""……


Actually cracked 2000 signatures as of 3 pm today and rising by the minute…
Go Go Go Vapers…. the more the better …. show them that everyone who has written here is in the right and have rights ……please support these guys.


Morrison and his puppets that call themselves politicians are a legal Mafia who are only after money from people who have a nicotine habit the taxes they are getting from cigarettes is ridiculous they do not care about people's lives there has not been any death from vaping we are so far behind the rest of the world that legalised nicotine vaping why don't you ban cigarettes Morrison

glenn brown

This is an abominable decision the repercussion of this thoughtless decision will undoubtedly ruin lives of families around Australia for many different reasons. Many people have already been put off work at vape shops, this is going to cost the government more than just money, they will loose the next election over this. We are a democratic country not a communist one.
In the UK hospitals have vending machines to buy vape nicotine products.
This decision needs to be turned around before it's too late.I will not be voting for the party that bans nicotine I don't vape my husband does

Nat Butler

This disgusting move is going to impact myself and many others severely. I am appalled that they still allow cigarettes to be sold yet not allow those of us who have quit to use a vape with nicotine. My health improved dramatically with vaping. This is completely eroding our civil rights.

David Scholfield

Greg Hunt will go down as the minister who killed 1000's of Australians an his total ignorance to research outrageous. I have been of cigarettes for over three years thanks to vaping, the first thing thats ever worked in helping me to quit a 40 year habit. THIS COMPLETE DICK WILL REMEMBERED AN HIS FAMILY WILL HAVE LIVE WITH THE SHAME OF HIS ACTIONS.


Sooooo I can buy a packet of cigarettes containing nicotine but can’t have nicotine in a vape…..
I can smoke a cigarette but not vape…
You know when you do consultation – BEFORE YOU MAKE BLOODY STUPID DECISIONS!
Who I am NOT voting for at the next election is clear


I switched to vaping 1 month ago – my health is soo much better.
And at $50 a packet of cigarettes, compared to $300 for 3 months$ of vaping plus a kit, I thinking the picture is clear.


Timothy Coyle

This is the very definition of insanity! I, till 3 months ago, was smoking 40 cigarettes a day for 20 years, but then I found vaping and have not touched a single cigarette since. Now my one chance at giving up is being stolen by a fascist government that seeks to dictate to it's people rather than listen to them. In 20 years of trying to give up, vaping is the only thing that has worked.

Andrew Stern

I am 67 and have been a smoker since young. Podvapes finally enabled me to quit smoking on December 6th 2018.
I guess I'll have to take up cigarettes again, having tried and failed many times in the past to quit.
I don't think there's any doubt that smoking is more dangerous to your health than vaping, but I guess the rabid anti-smoking lobby have a win (ideology over health benefits – and of course government tax revenues).

Shirley harvey

Typical government only worried about losing money will sell cigarettes to anyone to get the tax .but tell us we can't vape when it is our choice and saves me thousands a year .

Brian Shoebridge

Vaping is probably the biggest public health achievement since the polio vaccine.
For our government to take medical advice on Covid, yet ignore it on vaping, is malicious at best.
After 20 years of smoking heavily, I received my first vape at 4.30pm one day six years ago and since 5pm that same day, I have not had a single cigarette.
This law particularly & cynically affects lower socio-economic groups.
I, for the first time in my life, plan to become a single issue voter. It will be a candidate's stance on vaping which will determine my vote.
Brian Shoebridge


I am so devastated by this and scared that I will end up back on cigarettes. I have been a smoker for for well over 40 years and have tried all other avenues to give up with no success. I have been a vaping for 5 years now and not had a cigarette. I feel better i don't smell and none of my non smoking friends find it offensive. I just can't believe it i finally find something that works well for me and those around me and they are not just taking it away but treating me as a criminal as well. This is so unfair so wrong and ignorant.


so i ordered a vape a few weeks ago and it’s supposed to be coming on the 10th of july, will i still be able to get this vape or will i get a fine and should i cancel my order


there's so many of us ex smokers who have taken up vaping and now have more money for everyday living , more money to buy whitegoods when they break down , more money for vehicles , basically more money to help the economy , ive been a cigarette smoker for 40 years and i was poor and struggled with shortness of breathe , ive been vaping for 7 years and i feel so much healthier , now they want to stop it , thanks for that Greg Hunt , their goes my sanity .

Chris young

Typical government missing out on revenue as it impacts tabacco manufacturing and tax who have politians in their pocket

Australia government scum


where is the petition this is what i thought this was we have to sign a petition not complain about it on a site. that gets us nowhere, and we need to get at least 30,000 in the next 4 days before the 1st.

anonymous sign the petition, There is more people here complaining than signing the petition. we must get to 50.000 before the 30th June 5days, come on we need to stop them from making laws without the people approving, if you let this go they will become more like the communist country people claim they dont want but this is what communist /socialist countries do make the decisions for you and you don't get a say.


please sign the petition

Mark Attard

If you take the option of vaping away from teens history shows that they WILL just take up smoking. This makes no sense unless you take into account the amount of money the government has just spent on COVID, more smokers= more tax


It’s simple .The country’s broke . The incompetent Government has put us there. They need all the taxes they can get to stay afloat somehow. Taxes on cigarettes are massive. That is why the ban is being imposed . You won’t beat them because 300000 people are a minority. Do what I do . Walk into the polling booths get your name ticked off and walk out. None of them are worth voting for. The common people, underprivileged and minority will always battle in this country because where under capitalistic rule. Nothings changed there for centuries.


I wonder how much the Government will spend on nicotine test kits when they try to really show who’s boss. This will extend to anyone of us Vaping in public and will be policed. More fines more revenue. Same as hiding speed cameras in coppers hands behind gum trees . Funny how a Mate of mine that works in PNG pays 5 bucks for a pack of cigs . We must be paying more for the privilege. Honestly this is a crime posed on the Australian people. Ned Kelly was a gentleman in comparison.

william alan walker

this minister is a hypocrite and is ill informed, e cigarettes are less harm full than ordinary cigarettes so why he does'not ban them as well imagine the outcry!!!!!


Vaping has saved me, what's going to happen now, this is so unfair

Benjamin Woods

Bunch of Corrupt politicians this is Disgusting.

Lachlan Mol

This is bullshit.. after years of smoking i have finally been able to quit cigarettes and keep my mental health (major depression) in check vaping has allowed me to do this to now take it away is bullshit.. Goverment has robbed us blind with cigarette price jacks now to do this to us it crap.. im pissed off as hell nothing else has ever worked for me personally now im gunna have to go backwards.


This is what happens when tobacco companies have politicians in their back pocket, I can only dream of the money that has changed hands here so that some public serviceman can live a very comfortable retirement.

Martin N

Smoked 30yrs nonstop then started on the vape haven't smoked cigs since, don't think I would have stopped smoking if vaping was not available. ill definitely be in for a protest march/riot.✊🏽


Vape petition heading to 70000
if you haven't already.. get onto it.

we can vent it here and I am as disgusted as everyone here on this matter …but nothing is going to happen if we do not make noise via this petition.


I think this is wrong on ever level.we are over 18 and have the right to vape if we want I am 63 and feel so much better on the e ciggarettes no ventolin blood pressure back to normal .if the goverment cared about people in australian they wouldn't do this please please rethink this desion.

Kerry arthur

I think this is wrong on ever level.we are over 18 and have the right to vape if we want I am 63 and feel so much better on the e ciggarettes no ventolin blood pressure back to normal .if the goverment cared about people in australian they wouldn't do this please please rethink this desion.


I am so angry! I thought we are living in democratic country but apparently our government decides what is better for us – in this case go back to cigarettes , get sick and die quicker. Our politicians don’t care care that e-cig much safer than cigarettes but they very much care about taxes that cigarette companies pay. It’s the case of money talks and bs walks . I don’t know if it helps but everybody has to say something and maybe people power will make a difference

Merran O'Neill

This is about govt relationship with big tobacco companies, it's nothing to do with the health of Australian people or even the health of the tax they're missing from us vapers. Makes me question "democracy" when I have imbeciles making ridiculous decisions . . . for the people, by the people.
I would assume that if nicotine is banned from import then it will be a blanket ban including cigarettes. . . . why not just tax it?

Streatfield Clive

this is a civil rights abuse of power

Stephen Trommels

I am so sick and tired of filthy lying politicians and their tax hoarding BS, GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LIFE!!!! And leave us be you fu*?"Ng SCUM BAGS

Jeremy Watson

I was smoking over 25 years my doctor supported me vaping from the start but I was going to try it anyway.
My health has been so much better I was struggling to breathe at night every night.
I couldn't put my head under a blanket for 30 seconds.
Now I can sleep under a number of blankets.

I want my right to access nicotine at my local vape shops where you have to be 18+ to access any juice 0mg or 24mg.

I love nicotine and it makes me happy which is really important to me.
It's the most important thing to me.


4 months since finally stopped smoking after many years of trying (Heavy smoker For 25 years) extremely hard to quit only vaping worked for me . And now this ? I hate to think I am being forced to smoke again.

Marianne Holzherr

I cannot see the logic for this attack on vaping. I switched to vaping e-cigarettes 2 years ago because I was diagnosed with a lung condition which was not caused by smoking, but I needed to stop my habit. Vaping was the perfect change for me. My respiratory physician agrees it was the right thing to do, and my regular CT scans have shown no detriment, and even improvement in some areas of my lungs. It's hard enough to vape in Australia already. I have to order on line, had to do substantial internet research and finally found the best vape advice in a shop in Switzerland while on holiday. The reasons given for banning it here are the data from the US regarding teenagers, however, the situation is completely different here. It is not advertised, and not freely available to buy, so you cannot compare Australia with the US. Instead it would deprive ex-smokers of the pleasant way to stop smoking which vaping provides. I see now: It is precisely because it is enjoyable that you wish to ban it. It is therefore both vindictive and counter-productive.


It is just a travesty. I too stopped smoking cigarettes 8 months ago and finally felt free of an addiction to a totally expensive habit that took precedence over everything in my life. Like a lot of people I have had really bad shit happen in my life and always turned to smokes in times of crisis. The resulting coughing fits and regret just further damaged both my mind and body. How can anyone believe that banning a product that helps people stop sucking lethal smoke into their lungs while battling an addiction that is evil is a step in the right direction. You watch…….it will be easier to buy ice or cocaine come August.


I smoked for 30 years nothing helped me to quit but vaping. This decision is draconian and nothing short of a total infringement on our rights. The only reason is that they want us to go back to cigarettes so they can get the tax. The rest of the developed world must be gobsmacked at the sheer audacity of this government. Vote them out at the next election !!!!!

Rick Kirk

I hate this country. I was born and raised here. But I'm sick to hell of the nanny state enforced upon us.

Its not enough that any reasonable Judge in any world court would already see the extortion of a people to a substance of addiction re the price of normal cigarettes. But now they ban the one exit most had.

This Government are worse than the lowest drug dealer out there.

No wonder chop chop and now nicoteine have such a strong black market.

The Government probably own that too.

This truly is criminal and I hope the people who signed it off get a healthy dose of coronavirus.

What point is there to an elected government that can host make blanket changed like this against its own people who have no say?

We were once a democracy. More abd more it feels like a dictatorship.


This new ban is so obviously because the vape juice nicotine is 100 times less taxable than tobacco products.It is purely a cash grab by our increasingly greedy Governments.You greedy greedy fat Balding little tyrants.I hope you all shart your pants in Engadine Mc Donald's and choke on it.

Jake Taylor

This is not fair. We are trying to not die from smoking. The government is trying ro make money through killing its citizens. It is disgusting.

Andy G

so I am somewhat confused, importation of nicotine and/or e-liquid containing nicotine is to be banned as of July 1.
So, if e-liquid is purchased prior to July 1 and arrives after the cut off date, will it be seized/stopped by customs? Or only e-liquid purchased after July 1?
Just asking because I have $300 worth on a fedex plane and hoping to Christ it gets here before July 1… 5 days… 🤔🥺


Hi Andy, You can legally import nicotine for personal use if you have a nicotine prescription. More information about prescriptions here


It just proves that the government tax grab on cigarettes, continuous price hikes. Isn’t about health at all. If it was they wouldn’t make it illegal for people to quit the costly cigarettes without the aid of lower dosages of the nicotine. Criminal and corrupt.


I guess we can rest easy for now thanks to Nationals George Christensen and Matt Canavan who had campaigned against the ban on social media; while Liberals Trent Zimmerman, Tim Wilson and James Paterson told Guardian Australia on Wednesday they opposed the ban because it could push vape users back to smoking..
Tooooooooo Right.
That petition with over 72000 worked I guess

Thank you to all that participated.
We can vape easy for now at least.
Happy vaping

glenda blair

A big thank you to all senators and others who helped to stop the ban going ahead for now. It gives everyone time to put forward our case to legalise vaping in Australia like Newzealand and others. Great job everyone


I have been vaping for almost 4 years and I have saved 326760 mg of tar going into my lungs. I have saved over $45000.00. I use to cough really badly every night and morning. I just Feel so much better

Lachlan J

The government does not care about us! We vape we vote!

Vincent Stafrace

Ladies and Gentlemen ( Am I still allowed to say that nowadays.. no offense intended) 🙂

This has been a great effort and result but as you say.. for now we put the breaks on… Please remember the petition is NOT over so please continue to spread the word and get as many people you can to go on here and vote.
If it wasn't for Senator Canavan and MP George Christensen…we'd be without Nicotine vape right now.
So not all politicians are like the idiot that tried to ban vaping Nicotine.
A big thank you to those that voted.. please keep on voting here and lets see this get closer to 300000

Happy vaping

Stillwater Carpet Stretching

I don't know whether it's just me or if everybody else experiencing issues with your site.
It appears like some of the written text on your posts are running off the
screen. Can somebody else please comment and let me
know if this is happening to them as well? This may be a problem with my web browser because I've had
this happen before. Thanks

Mr doubtfire

i say this issue on nicotine vaping years was never a quit thing or for me nor was claims as quit vape device when i started when i took it now i have my critics vaping for some as helps which is good thing and is a medical device for others nodoubt about that ,,alot people quit cigs at first from vapes i didnt see the issue when it was banned or thought was banned or getting banned when nicotine o/s supplys was easy to order at the time i thought was scare tactics negative info until july the 1 st deadline then. i had no ideas if was a ban or not legal then years ago the ban when nicotine went to a nosale in aussie stores to not sell nicotine but could get freely still way back then in oz to get premixed nicotine at a store the owner said wasnt banned in australia stores when legislation stated it was And was so confused and then all stock wasnt displayed freely after that in a shop display and then couldnt get nicotine here and Law was changed to only legal with a doctors script which i find sillyist law ever a required prescription and the ban still But thank doctors contesting vapes ban but dammed without a doctor or a prescription i was a dualler and wanted to try different way of smoking when i started vaping years ago was a replacement than a novelty device even tho i have dependance off cigarettes and abstained alot vaping on vape nicotine then on july would be banned inadvertanly to a total ban in overseas ordering nicotine till it was challenged or dropted the law… big thanks to whom fought the law and helpted and getting supplys out well done thanks a million …but nothing has changed really for me after the challenge was a releif and a start for future challenges but still pannick to this day if laws as will take time to beat reforms as can legaly get nicotine now but i feel current law stands still on nicotine limits with penalitys if get more i guess most people need more nicotine now while stocks are short they could be criminalised for doing so Probly Stocking up for some need preparing stockpiling now for future supplys if u have a prescription or not the law now must alow that for more nic supplys orders now till Next year comes Without a g.p My prescription will be after cutoff date valid but not accessable to supplys unless have enough and then people may never give up Nicotine it should be freely more to get now nicotine than ever and before and after come next year comes i guess now the vape community is making it medical device claim which no law likes for the challenged law. Its good for that medical claim but for some its not a medical device and never needed to be made One but is one a medical device all the same depends how you look at vaping and before vapes come about… i say to stop any confusion and droconian laws the goverment no one can benifit or read redtape on ecigs laws or reforms even tho let alone fill out digital forms out were they made tobacco purchase permit digital forms hard to do to discourage tobacco usage by imports i say this doesnt need to be that way or strickly regulated one bit but vaping unless its a different vape device type for likes of cannibis e acetate its stupid and dumb its to much frigging around to get nicotine base liquid ordered in through a doctor or from the tga or customs abf permits now nicotine needs to be no bullshit available in australia shops for beginner vapourist but needs to cater for experienced users whom mix above 100mg nicotine themselfs without prescriptions with self importing nicotine or 100 mg/ml liquids from here ifnot i going back to cigarettes … i feel like there needs to be no import restriction anywere no doctors prescriptions either what so ever ive never had any issues from vaping from many years of vaping i cant stand the fake news about it bad why ban us more when smokers have supported the economy for over 100 years ifu stop phroabition reforms on anything you save lifes to by quality you stop theifs which would pinch our supplys yeah if i try most nrt therapay which failed then if vaping in long term and not successful i dont want spend $400 per fornight Going back on ciggarettes either When i cant and villified and ostrasised and stigmatised over it which i probly would Go back on hightaxed cigs thats another issue in it self to this reform gives no one any free choices theres ways to teach safety with out bans Which is the easy way out bans ,,the risk of mishaps are verry low on vaping never make vaping expensive as dear as ciggarettes either vaping helpted me its taught me alot its open my eyes up and knowledgable vape laws dont help my anxiety my depression and my future financial outcomes i find it disrespectfull


Look on the upside, the proposed change has now been deferred to 01 Jan 2021.

So stock up as you see fit.


Is this a joke faaaaarrrrrqqqq in a rakes voice…i cant see the local doctor filling in precriptions ever for nicotine not liking it with my previous attempts to do so its the biggest stuffup blunder my gp lied and his qualifications were enuff when he stated he was under qualified to do so my time and the gp time waisted with this paperwork with this nicotine reform ive lost sleep over this reform searching endless for doctors reading topics laws and research shopping for best nic deals.. most of my timeto the gp waisted in stupjd stuff and never finished what needs to be adressed on my health 6 months wont fix it the extension of time with my gp for nicotine the doctors dont beleive in nicoliqujd due to fake media no ones needs a doctor for patches so why for nicotine imports? Does my head in


I know they have placed a stop until January 2021 but still there is a lot of us that still don’t know the future what can we do and how can we do it this has to stop going back to smoking is just another death sentence for all of us

Peter Mastroianni

I agree with your comments about the need for smokers to have an alternative to cigarettes. E-cigarettes may be a good solution, if what you say about the medical reports is true. I do not know the medical benefits of switching from cigarettes to E cigarettes , or the negative side effects of using E- Cigarettes.
What I do know though, is that E-cigarettes are a big problem for the young. actually an epidemic. They are being sold one way or another to teens and the flavours they offer do target the young taste buds. The little odour they produce also makes it difficult to detect and difficult to differentiate between E-cigarette smells and Gum or lollies.
If they are meant to be a remedy that works, then there could be a good case that they become unfunded prescribed medicines for smokers, so that they are controlled and not sold through all the cnr stores under the counter. Doctors could prescribe these like they do other medicines. Limit the repeats and you could limit the distribution to minors.
If you work out a solution to stop teens using for fun, then you may be able to help your smokers.

Stopped smoking 23 years ago. Trick is not to ever have another drag. By the way, no withdrawals ever , or urges. It was just a BAD habit

Sergio Franz

Wohh just what I was searching for, appreciate
it for posting.


Government missing our tax dollars, disgusting putting $$$ before lives, shame on you!


Who will let us know of any new law Change updates here on vaping before start of next year i guess if bad news theyl leave it till the last minute greg hunt so why is athra needing solutions for vaping teens i imagine the corner store if any left these days will not want get busted big fines selling juuls the epidemic with teens i find it hard to beleive it as big as it sounds a vape pandemic i never seen any teens vape in public yet ifu lost the war on plain packaging then it sounds like teens are smoking or smoking something else And not vaping as much ,theres no evidance or real facts that teen vaping is a gateway to smoking they said that about smoking leads to drugs ive never touched heroin in my life or meth the cigarettes are shit these days i wouldnt want smoke them tolong if a teen to for the price you pay for shit tasting probly stale fillers and that in them there probly getting off on hypnosis meth or hypnosis lsd so are they going to ban natrually feeling good or will they sintax hypnosis meth to lol think the only way to stop people caping or smoking is let them do what they want to do and stop blackmarkets and not to outprice cigarettes. Make them origanal for a dollar a packet without the pesticide with high strength and tar and with manufacturer checks made unadultered likes of no anti cancer ingredients in the modified plants an better still alowed grow your own plants or import full unmanufacter leaf import youl never win the war on proabition tobacco and nicotine will allways be around this tobacco and vape issue i would assume proabition causes more in crime than not outlawing nicotine u cant stop people whom dont want to quit all you can do is be there for someone who wants to quit not enforce people to quit or disinfranshising someone vices makes it more difficult to quit the smoke tax was supose to be minor one that was never intended to go further as it did in which it did while its netted billions of revenue and the countrys is no better off today and worse off than ever in other areas

Wilton Steward

Wohh exactly what I was searching for, thank you for posting.

Dallas Graham

Yet another irrational or illogical ruling on personal freedom that truly damages my faith in humanity.

John Willson

To sum it up it is all about money and greed of the government and advisers within.. What is the common sense to stop vaping nicotine to selling cigarettes, which I might add were a prescription by doctors in the second world war to fighters for our country, as a calming influence…


It is a great blog post about nicotine .I am always read your blog
helpful and informative tips. I like it thanks for sharing this information with us

Matthew Ratcliffe

Here come's the solutuion if we cannot affort to deal with cost's of going back to smoking ciggerette's or refuse to go back to ciggerette's.

1. Throw empty vape in bin when my supply run's out.
2. Lock door's & window's never leave unless hungery.
3. Turn off phone & sleep for 6 week's solid
so our family & freind's don't see the mega monster
that fight's back when you go cold turkey.

Family's Reaction, "We are worryed about your mental wellbeing, were doing something" (wheather I like it or not)

My reaction, "Face Palm" when they & the hospital's don't beleive me about the real reason's we do this & what casused it because they see niccotine as simply a choice.

After I exsplain to them that I did what I did because the government screwed all of Australia over not just me & they my family & freind's cannot see the long term effect of such a ban on mental strain from niccotine bestie's & finacial strain on $250+ vs 60ish per month and a half because they think it's for better of nation.

Bad enough you fully Legalize recreational Marijanna in ACT for your self's & make the rest of Australia get penalized for the same plant's as a "problem, & pushed into treatment's as addiction or worse".

So so dis-apointed just fire your self's please, Im definitly just gonna draw a huge "FUCK YOU" with a Giant dick on the govener genral's head on the ballet slip this time around.

Your job's govener general & those PM's that support this are officialy over next election mark these word's, Can't piss on your supporter's & call it lemonade & exspect them to beleive it.

I will defend these word's to the end's of the earth if anyone has a problem with them so if you dis-agree Bite me, if you agree thank you 🙂


The Australian Government and Anti Smoking Lobby were fully aware of the consequences of a huge increase in Tobacco Tax. I personally find it disgusting and immoral, how they have managed to put lower social economic families in the position they have chosen to.
I myself am aware of incidents of self harm, Financial despair and on flowing domestic violence, also youths choosing to use other illicit and illegal drugs solely due to the cost factor, between Tobacco and Alcohol and far more addictive and dangerous drugs. I am also aware within my community the increased crime rate due to the high cost of Tobacco and alcohol. I wonder what the Australian Public would think if they were to be told that the Government were told and advised about the social repercussions.


trying to quit smoking finally found something that works for me and the government is crying cause smokers have a chance and there not getting there 5000% mark up on smokes shame on them greedy greedy greedy
don’t they take enough from a minority group if it was any other minority group people would be up in arms
very angry our government is so greedy and controlling we are supposed to be free as long as we don’t hurt anyone else !!!!
give us back our freedom


We are living with a government that is hell bent on becoming a dictatorship.
I will be going back to tabaco smoking, thanks to idiots trying to control lives.


I am 54 years old.i had arthritis from age 13 the doctor said it was  brought on by a bout of flu and my immune system started attacking my hip joint. I had pain and aches on and off 40 years ago I stopped eating meat and dairy products and all my  pain went away. Now no drugs just started a CBD trial to see if I can regain flexibility and my greatest surprise  it work for me you can still order your own  via

Wayne Collins

It’s all about money with any government. Cigarettes in Australia are almost $60 a pack. That’s robbery in my opinion. I have been a cigarette smoker since I was 14 years old. Up until 3 years ago is when I started vaping. Ever since then I can breathe so much better now. When I smoked cigarettes I obtained asthma. My asthma is gone now. It’s a free country apparently,so just leave us alone. I hate the smell of cigarettes andthe taste is disgusting. We need to do something to stop this ban. There’s gotta be something we can do. Obviously the petition didn’t help us last time. If there is anything I can do to help stop the ban please contact me


I believe this is so wrong why nicotine in cigarets but no vaping its saying the government can’t make money of vaping. People will Steele cigarettes if they can’t afford them


I just saw this for the first time, as I haven't needed liquid for quite some time now and have discovered the sites to order from overseas shut down or changed.

I am absolutely disgusted by this decision by the government. They just continue to demonise people who either smoke or are making a genuine attempt to come off cigarettes by vaping when all other avenues have been exhausted.

Personally, over the years I tried so hard to quit smoking. First, I tried going 'cold turkey' a few times, then I tried cutting down a few times. Nothing worked. Then I went to my doctor and was prescribed 'Champix' which was a disaster, in that it destroyed my sense of smell for about 12 months (everything smelled like burnt plastic – even food) and did not successfully help me quit smoking. I then tried hypnotherapy with no success.

Finally, a few years ago, I ordered some e-cigarettes from overseas, with nicotine e-juice. Finally I found something that worked and was so happy. I did try the juice without the nicotine, but it did not work. The inclusion of nicotine in the juice was what gave it that similar feel to smoking and was the reason vaping successfully helped me get off the normal cigarettes.

Anyway, my lungs completely cleared up over the course of about 6 months. Ever since going over to vaping, I have not had a dry cough or been struggling to breath in cold air at night. Not once in years now. I was a smoker for over 30 years until the switch and now, since vaping, I have excellent lung capacity and my breathing is clear and unobstructed by shortness of breath.

And now the government are taking this away from me and everyone else in my situation.

This is outrageous, as I know from personal experience and the results from after a number of years, that vaping with the nicotine e-juice is actually an excellent way to get off cigarettes, and I feel so much better for it. It's almost like the government are deliberately trying to get me to go back to smoking!

So I cannot believe the government are doing this (while still allowing the sale of normal cigarettes all over the country). Which is worse? Normal cigarettes or vaping? It makes no sense at all.

It's almost as if the government and big tobacco are colluding to ensure Australians are left with no option but to go back to smoking normal cigarettes at $50 a pack! And getting a prescription? How difficult is that going to be?

OEM E Liquid

This way the government is actually doing more harm than good. Not only the vapers but also the small to big e liquid manufacturers ( ) will lose literally everything. It's a shame seeing the government supporting those big tobacco companies over the vaping community. It is going to cost them very soon when they see people dying from lung cancer. I wonder, do they really care about health?


I think australia is headed in to a long covid recession even more so to have an unlimited supplies of nicotine or tobacco products right now at a afforable price to fall backon as a backup and no restrictions until things are resolved Or if need resolving at all,australia should be growing decent tobacco and manufacturing for nicotine and vape users Here if wish not to import but import as an option thats easy peasy , I not keen of premixed nicotine after any future ban or Low nicotine . I buy no nic flavor rtv to spike down to deluted nicotine vape mix as i throw nearly every rtv bottle away trying new flavors out , my juices are not allways stocked up at a store Or no juice bars or juice samples are not available unless buy 60 ml … i also hate pods i not into premixed cartridges to me i dont think will be to much of a options to vape after oct regulations so i am dreading future regulations If vaping gets restrictions get any worse i am Considering reverting back to pipe tobacco or cheap tobacco if can afford it ….


Marxists govt….i like to smoke one …one cigar every Saturday…thats it…why the crackdown to save me…….why ?

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